Anybody tried the new Gold Quicksilver enhancer ?

I am trying this new gold edition and the results are stunning ( great 3-d as well as full dynamics)Resolution is over the top as well as being so natural.System is all Gnsc modded and full sistrum 101 racks including speakers.Cdp is Wadia 8 & 15i and amp is MFA D 75 with all Virtual Dynamics Revlation cabling in a dedicated room.
Yes, I currently have it on my IC's and power cords, didn't try tube pins yet. First I have to take off all the Walker Extreme SST. I'd agree with your comments on your system page about increased detail over SST. However, if anyone is going to try it out, take the manufacturer's recommendations about 'burn-in time' to heart.
Quicksilver has a ad in the featured tweak section,it has a detailed account of the product as well as the picture of the kit.It also lists the website there,hope this helps and good luck in trying it! Take care Dennis
I use the xtreme silver but haven't tried the gold. The silver enhancer is a worthwhile tweek. I also would enjoy hearing a comparison of the gold over the silver. I know it takes awhile for the enhancement to settle in so a time frame maybe needed for comparing head to head. Brian
I've heard my tube amp without the micro arcing that takes place between the tube pins and ceramic pots.It has detail that is startling in it's naturalness and power that belies it's tube nature.The gold enhancer does take 14 days to finally settle in, however,the differences are instantly apparent when you first apply it! I used the silver enhancer first and was very impressed with it, the gold has more of what I call natural dimensionalness and a better and relaxed soundstage.It has a detailed nature without being forward in anyway and without etching images or dynamics.A word of caution is that you must not apply to much to i/c's or tube pins ( the manual tells all)because of shorting issues.I also did the inside of my wadia's at all the wire connections and plug in pins. This was a huge leap in dynamics as well as resolution of nuances that I've never heard on many cd's.Make sure that you know what to do before you go into the units.I never thought that 32x oversampling could be so massive in the soundfield portrayal and satisfying in musicality.I really love what this tweak does for the musical soul!!take care Dennis