Anybody using Bybee DIY Quantum Purifiers?

I'm thinking about soldering in some DIY Bybee quantum purifiers into each of the AC inputs of all my audio gear. Does anybody have any experience with the sonic impact it made?

Looking for all comments from Bybee users or people who have listened to audio systems with Bybee's installed.

I've used them on the IEC inputs in former monoblock amps. I thought the highs were a bit smoother and background a bit blacker allowing more detail to come through. I think a good power conditioner or power cord makes more difference.

Thanks for the insight. I'm thinking that the bybee quantum purifier is going to offer a better value from the standpoint of much cheaper than some of the prices of power cords and/or power conditioners.

I can install a bybee into a piece of audio gear pretty easily and it comes in at about 20% of the cost of me selling my existing power cords and buying an upgraded used power cord.

I'd like to eventually install the bybee's into all of my audio equipment.

Thanks again for the insight.
Danny Boy installed one in the digital out of my belt drive transport, followed by a Cardas digital out connector.

Can't tell its isolated effect since the entire power supply was basically re-engineered in the usual Modwright style. Danny swears by its effects and the transport is a mean hardcore salsa playing machine.

Take into consideration that in an audio or video grade power delivery/noise control setup, Bybees are *polishers*. As such, they should have prior coarse, medium grade filtration ( common mode and transverse mode ). Sweet.

With psychic power and primal intensity,
I tried them on my AC outlet and noticed a nice difference, less grunge. Then after about 6 months I changed my power cords and found that the Bybees gave a slightly muted sound. I think that it probably does both but I could only notice the muted effect when I got the more translucent power cords.
I think that "muted" quality you've noticed is the removal of amusical electronic signal riding herd on the output signal. I have found that when QPs are employed, whether in AC cords and/or components, you can generally expect to be able to crank the gain up several notches more than without them. Why? Because that everpresent level of electronic artifact is no longer polluting your signal and artificially imposing limits via distortion on your listening comfort level. If it's cleaner it will sound better when played louder than it used to.

Appears that this is your first post. You wouldn't sell or have anything to do with Bybees would you?

Just asking.
Hey Fiddler,

Absolutely no connection to Bybee or the audio business in any sense of the word. I'm just a dyed-in-the-wool Bybee believer/user. All my PCs were made by Jack, all of my components are internally Bybeed and every driver on my A/G Duos are, likewise, outfitted. Jack and I have become telephone friends over the years, though, due to my purchases and outside common interests (Calvados, i.e.). And the comments from my previous post were utterly genuine. I experienced what seemed to be a slight reduction in volume after installing these purifiers (which was done in two or three phases over time). After a long period of contemplation over this, I have decided that grunge removal (especially grunge you didn't really know you had 'til it was zapped) creates a void that welcomes an increase in gain without pain.

Incidentally, I post more frequently on AA as acres verde although nowhere near as often as "the regulars". I pick my spots where I think I can actually contribute something borne of experience. But overall, I concede that I am a bit of a novice, still, as regards interacting in these forums and the thought of a disclaimer never entered my mind.