Smaller plug-in AC Purifiers -- Shunyata, iFi, Puron...something else? What do you like?

I like the Shunyata Venom Defender. It does a good job of reducing noise in my outlets.

I'm wondering if others have tried similar, plug in products — such as the Puron Power Filter or the iFi AC Purifier or something else.



Furman PST-8.  It's not a plug in but provides better noise filtering than most, down to ~ 3kHz and exceptional surge protection.

Some years ago went through many large and small AC conditioners through Cable Company lending library. The best, and not by a small margin, for the smaller or single component conditioners was the Audience Adept  1 or 2.

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Thanks for the review.


I cannot tell how to buy Telos Mini Q or how much it costs.

I already love my Audience Adept r2r plug. I just notice that the Shunyata makes it even quieter. I'm trying to make a small additive improvement, not spend that much more.

I guess I could add a second power strip...

@rsf507 Not there anymore.

$400 is a lot for a plug-in, in my opinion, especially when I'm seeing people say (about these and others) that multiple plugs are better. That adds up quickly. To each his own, of course.

@hilde45 just looked it’s on their blog page

You really only require one of these from my experience yes other options more might be better.

IMHO go with a used Audience Adept Response AR2/AR6 or a Shunyata Hydra rather than multiple single outlet plug-ins.  I have seen Hydras as low as $400 - $800 on the used market.  

An isolation transformer beats the lot - but it's pricy, and not that convenient.

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@hilde45 ,

 I did not initially believe in that big thread the users were raving about Puron. But finally decided to try because there was money back guarantee. Not going to say much on the improvements because I am not only keeping the Puron, but I have ordered a second one.

You really have nothing to lose. Just return it, if you don’t like it. I doubt you will return it.

I bought a Puron a few months ago. Plugged it in to the same circuit behind my system. I think it's snake oil if you ask me.


Were you able to return it? Unfortunate that it did not work in your system. Certainly worked in my system and I am loving the results.

If you ever call Denon support they always ask you if you're using a power conditioner and tell you that they don't recommend them. I still use one I'm not frying my system in the event of a storm and I do notice a difference also on my OLED 

I don’t go for the small passive power conditioners because it seems nary a one explains how it produces audible reduction of noise, which may not even be audible in the first place if it’s not measured on the premises ad hoc. For me, the lack of functional info (or patents? Do some of these have associated patents I didn’t see?) is a problem barring commitment of my time and money.

I do use Clef Audio Power Bridge 10’s. They allegedly filter this and that, but they definitely serve as surge protectors, and the latter’s what I wanted.

The Clef’s are also decent for catching bona fides in the “you gotta have a power conditioner” community 🧐

my system was plenty noisy. i tried the ifi AC purifier. tried it every way they suggested. it did absolutely nothing.
isotech isobar and the 4-outlet richard grey help. 

Just curious: using a Monster Power HTUPS 2700 Home Theater Surge Protection and UPS. 

Does it do anything to reduce noice, improve sound, or just a glorified UPS and surge protector?

Furman P-1800 PF R

another vote for Furman, you want the PF R version, has 45A reserve for instant peaks of program material

Usually on sale somewhere, now B&H



I do like the big units due to volt reg max min and surge protection it has save big bucks on shutdown during stoms.they live to sing another day.

Put a Furman Elite 15i on my system.  Helped the sound.  Then I went on a mission around the house and plugged the chargers and lamps, etc into Furman PST8.  Electrical noise goes either direction in the wiring but still the idea of blocking it with a filter makes sense vs plugging a passive device into a common outlet.  I currently have 3 of these PST8 AND the 15i.  A very nice improvent for not much money.

If your amplifier is across the room away from the pre amp and turntable where do you plug in the power conditioner?

Out of curiosity I ordered one , end up buying 5 that good , one for my LED TV 2 for each system.On the right system they are not snake oil.

I have added power conditioning incrementally. I find it easier to take it out of the system after it burns in to be able to hear the loss of it's effects. I Have 3 dedicated 10 gauge 20 amp circuits. I added Shunyata defenders more for protection, but they made very subtle improvents. I added an Everest which was great. I then added two Purons. They made a very nice improvemnt that was easy to hear when I pulled them out. I then ordered 4 more Purons. I now run 2 Purons and a Defender for each side of my Gryphon Stereo amp(two different power cords needed) as there are four outlets per circuit. I then run 2 Purons in the bottom two outlets of my Everest. These all compliment each other and the Purons especially improve imaging and the wee edge that appears now and then. I recommend Purons. The Swiss digital fuses were also an improvment over the four SR Purple fuses they replaced. 

I will throw my hat in the ring as a happy Puron customer as well.  Bought 2 of them and I perceive a significant audible improvement in both soundstage and the depth of the soundstage.  Definitely worth the $400 I paid for 2!

I have 2 Purons and have just purchased 2 more.  They clearly make a difference.  The nice aspect is that this isn't one or the other.  The Purons compliment power conditioners and work well as a stand alone.  My initial two Purons went into the duplex outlet that my PS 10 power conditioner is plugged into as well as the first plug in line on the back, exactly as the reviewer above described.  Not a small difference.  My next two will go into the outlets my amps are plugged into.  Should receive them next week.  

@wokeuptobose I too have found the swiss digital boxes outperformed my SR purple fuses.  I tried the Rhodium in my PS 10 and I think its the best of all of them.

Orthomead, is the Rhodium a slug from Mark? Where are you seeing slug options? I was thinking that tuning slugs would be cheap and a lot of fun, but don't know where to buy them!!! Thank you for your comments. I can see a future thread where we share slug experiences. 

I now have 4 Purons in my system and found incremental improvement with the addition of each unit. They make for a quieter background that allows more clearly defined, three dimensional images over a broader, deeper soundstage. They also allow more musical detail to be revealed while at the same time making the sound more relaxed.

I have also replaced purple fuses in all my components with the Swiss Digital Fuse Boxes and found some of the same improvements as the Purons, but even more impactful was an increase in dynamics. 

What happened to Audio Magic Stealth? It was all the rage and then vanished.