Anybody with Stewart FireHawk Screen?

Anyone having the motorized retractable ones and have owned them for more than a year? What are your comments on the picture quality and on the screen developing ripples?

They have claimed the FireHawk will be able to work in ambient light situations which is interesting. And also, retractable pull-down screens are often claimed to have the disadvantage of developing ripples and uneveness. Will this be the same with the much touted Stewart screens?

Your replies may cause me to burst my budget for going for this expensive screen. Thanks.
After much debate and input---I bought the Dalite hccv. Some input from dealers whom sell both and had no agenda. Firehawk was just overpriced from my point of view.---U up to spending 4k+ for your hundred inch screen?---If so go for it!!
Looks like we've got a Da-Lite user. Most likely I'll be in your club ~! I agree that prices for FireHawk screens are just too expensive. Anyway good things don't come cheap.

I'll be looking at the Da-Lite Tensioned Cosmopolitan Electrol.
A fixed frame screen will always outperform a retractable screen and will be considerably cheaper. If you could possibly do this, I would highly recommend it. You don't have to spend $4K for a fixed frame model. I paid $1700 for my 110" 16:9 Luxus Deluxe Firehawk from a local dealer. If you have any ambient light or have light colored walls or ceiling the Firehawk is outstanding. I evaluated several screen samples before buying the Firehawk. I think it is the best of the "gray" screens, though Grayhawk is also pretty good. However, in an ideal environment with no ambient light and all dark surfaces, I would chose a gain of 1 white screen over it, due to better color and brightness uniformity. Stewart is really good about sending out samples, though it may take a while to get them. You should get samples from each manufacturer before you make a decision.

The Stewart screens are "tab-tensioned".

There's a cable on each side of the screen that is pulled
into a big arc - convex side toward the screen. The force
to do this is provided by little tabs that connect the screen
to the cable. Thus the screen is always under horizontal
tension to prevent ripples.

The weight of the baton at the bottom provides the vertical
tension to prevent ripples.

Dr. Gregory Greenman
Thanks guys. Since the retractable screens of Stewart are too expensive, I've decided to go for a fixed screen instead. Even the Stewart dealer recommended a fixed screen over electrically retractable ones although the latter looked quite impressive when in function.

Now it's either the Grayhawk or Firehawk.
Unless you have a very broad viewing area (ie, some people 60 degrees or more off center), I think the higher gain Firehawk is the best bet. I have an 82" fixed screen Firehawk, and have been very pleased, even with a fairly low light-output DLP.
I too have a 100" Firehawk. I love it with my Marantz VP12s2. Even when the room isn't pitch black...the picture is excellent.

I recently purchased the 100" Firehawk fixed screen Luxus Deluxe to use with my front-projector DLP. In a work, excellent! Definitely can be used with some ambient light in the room, and is really superb in a completely dark room. $1600 off a dealer on ebay. Setup was pretty straightforward, even for somebody as mechanically challenged as I am.
that's the same screen I have and I love it. Have you compared Firehawk to Greyhawk??

I agree with Nighthawk's comments. As DLP projectors improve, installers are moving away from Firehawk and towards Greyhawk and 1-1.3 gain white screens. Personally I notice the Firehawk hot spots on one side or the other if I am seated off center a few feet. I would go for Greyhawk or 1.0 gain screen instead. The beveled 3.25" Deluxe Velux velvet coated frame is the best in the industry and worth every penny. The black velvet Velux sucks up the over spray from your DLP leaving you a nice clean edge with no reflections. Any other screen looks cheap in comparison. Stewart Screens is AAA when it comes to quality, customer service and dealer support. I highly recommend them!!!