Anyone Bought the Oppo bd83 Analog Upgrade?

If you have, can you hear any difference over the stock unit? Thanks
the up grade at RAM of Riverside is outstanding it will put an end to the search its that good i sat down and heard it played against top name players good luck
Maddoggy, could you tells us which top players. Also, not to be rude but Larryken's question was about the Oppo 83
upgrade , he wasn't asking for an alternative. There are a lot of Oppo owners out there who want to know what the
upgrade ( with factory warrenty...most of the after market
upgrades void the factory warrenty ) does. The upgade is for the oudio out, doesn't change dig out if you are using
an external DAC

Sorry for the spaces in the text, I did not write it this
way...after I sent the post my text changed. Anybody had this happen. Yes, I previewed my post before sending.
I took delivery of my upgraded BDP-83SE on Friday. I played the SACD versions of The Who's Tommy and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon plus track 12 of Hugh Masakela's CD Hope "Stimela". The SE version is like the '83 on steroids. I felt the regular '83 hyperdetailed but a little bit clinical in its presentation. The SE version is much more harmonically rich. There is a lot more texture to horns in the Masakela track in particular. Bass lines in Tommy track Sally Simpson are punchy, articulate, and very dynamic. Pinball Wizard was simply exquisite. Detail was revealed that I had never heard before and it was as exciting to listen to as the very first time I heard it in 1969. These are first impressions, but straight out of the box I found the SE to be very listenable in my system. Bravo to Oppo for a very cost effective mod to those of us that do not have HDMI 1.3 capability but want to experience lossless encoded multichannel audio. Also, I have to commend Oppo for delivering the mod on time as promissed.
Looking at the new dac's being used their may be no need for a mod that cuts in a new clock which requires glueing and adding a ground. In no way does this mean you can't add much better capacitors, resistors and shielding. Check out ESS technologies white paper on the Sabre dac that is now used on the 83SE. I think Oppo could have raised the price much higher but didn't.
What really got my attention with the BDP-83SE was this:

" truly appreciate the Sabre DAC performance, you must use at least a 24 bit data source."

and this:

"100% jitter rejection"

and this:

"..rate conversion is unlimited"

One thing I'd like to know:

Having looked at the images of the back of the BDP-83/BDP-83SE, I see know where the little double square icon indicating the unit has double insulation. Anyone know? Heck, even my budget Rotel disc player has that feature.