Anyone checked out Keith Richards new book?

Just read New York Times review of this new book "Life", sounds interesting. Seems "Keef" is spilling the beans. He must have some intact synapses remaining as his memory seems awfully good! :^)
There's already dozens of books about him,it doesn't take a good memory just a little plagiarism!!! :) I'll pick this up because Keef is the quintessential rocker and one of my all time faves.
Keith is one of those guys who doesn't let the truth get in the way of a good story.
My copy is on its way from Amazon.

In the meantime I just read a hilarious 'anti' self-help book by Jessica Pallington West "What Would Keith Richards Do?". Literally laugh out loud funny.
I'm reading it right now. The first chapter was a hoot. Second chapter was a little slower as it described his childhood. The excerpts I read in "Rolling Stone" magazine got me interested. He's a rare character.
Just finished the book which is composed in conversational style. Great insight into the Stones and making of some great music. A truly unique and interesting life.