Anyone compared Merging+NADAC to other top dogs like Rockna, dcs, MSB etc.


I am looking at a deal for Merging+NADAC, which is a brand with a very solid reputation in Pro/Mastering world. It also has lots of very solid reviews from various reviewers (most of which are 4-5+ years old). So has anyone compared NADAC to other latest top dogs from Rockna, dcs, Bricasti, EMM, Lampizator, Playback Designs or even MSB or Aries Cerat.


I know all these brands have vary different flavors of the sound but since NADAC retails at $10K+, I am interested in knowing comparison to these established big brands from Audiophile world & how it differs from them in terms of the presentation, Strengths & weakness of each over merging.

If anyone had NADAC/NADAC Player in the past & moved to other brand is even more welcome as he will have comparison done in his own home setup.





I recommend an audition to anyone looking to spend north of $10K on a DAC. Reach out to Colin @gestalt for Merging in-home audition. IMHO, Merging truly excels in musicality, transparency and realism, especially if you own a high resolution system. And consider buying the +player, which eliminates the need for a external server or streamer instead of +NADAC.

PS: I used to own Rockna Signature Balanced and EMM Labs DA2.

@lalitk  Thanks for your response.


Since you have owned Rockna & EMM labs, can you provide more specifics regarding comparison between them & NADAC? You can use Musicality, transparency, realism as the pointers (where NADAC truly excels) to describe along with the others.

I don't have budget for Merging+Player, as a matter of fact I don't even have budget for new NADAC. Since I am getting the demo/display piece at almost 50% of the price for new, I am highly considering this deal.


Besides I am not able to audition this here in Mumbai (like many other brands & components), so it's going to be a blind purchase (which is fine as all my purchases in past are blind).

Talking about the high resolution system, I think Bakoon amp 13-R + SoundKaos Vox 3afw is high enough in resolution and overall performance for me to fully appreciate NADAC. Besides I am considering HeddPhone as headphone to be driven from Bakoon which is also a very high resolution & performance headphone (I have auditioned it for a week at my home).



Saurabh Ashtamkar

Any other member who has experience with NADAC, it will be of great help.




Very smooth sounding with absolutely no digital artifacts such as glare. Easy on the ears and mind making it easy to listen to music without obsessing on the sound quality 😊.  This is a very good thing. Big stage coupled with toe tapping flow and continuity. Gives you a great sense of the whole rather than dissecting the individual parts with uber detail.  


I was able to home demo the +player for several weeks, however I was only able to AB it against an older Accuphase and newer Lumin X1 DAC. I preferred it over those two for realism as well as the other observations above.

The only knock is with the audible, mechanical click produced when it switches signal paths for different bit rates. Not a deal-breaker as the results are worth it, and depending on how far away you sit, it might not be a "thing" for you. YMMV

@grannyring  & @izjjzi thank you for your inputs, its certainly very encouraging. Clicks when different bit rate songs are played should not be an issue to me, but as you have mentioned its not a deal breaker as well when compared to the results. Besides I usually play through the entire album so it should not be a big issue.


@grannyring it would be even more helpful if you can compare it to the other dacs that you have owned or heard extensively.