Anyone do a cassette to digital conversion for me?

I just discovered a few old cassettes that I would like to hear on my main system. Rather than investing in a decent tape deck, I would prefer to have the cassettes converted to digital files. Can anyone help me with this for a reasonable fee? Please send me a msg if so. Thanks.
I'd think you would get better quality and save time, money, and trouble buying used CD's on eBay or Amazon. If the CD version was never produced I guess that would be a different matter...
I could help you out with that. Sr is right though if you can get them on CD they will probably sound better. I had some old stuff that was out of print and the only way I would get to hear it was via cassette (even used cassettes were getting upwards of 60.00 on Ebay!). I ran it through my recording system and it turned out pretty good.
Thanks Ejlif. The tapes I have are bootleg concert tapes from the 70s. No chance of finding those anywhere else.
Hello Jeff,

I can run them through my NAK deck and into my Denon CD recorder. This is how I listen to my vinyl in my car. Just email me and I will send you my address.

If you want the best possible conversion, I strongly recommend Richard Hess:
He restored some cassettes I had of personal material that I thought were finished. Not only did he restore the tapes, he made pristine CD-Rs from them. He has the right equipment to do the job properly. He's not cheap, but worth every penny if you care about the quality of the results. Note: This is not to denegrate the others who have offered to help on this thread... heck, I myself transferred most of my own tapes using a stand-alone CD recorder and my Onkyo TA-2600 cassette deck.