Anyone else using ""

I have been using for all my cd burn files for the last four years. Files are downloaded to JRiver as .flacs, converted to .wav and then burned to CD,

Anyone else here a patron?


Burn to CD?

So 20th century!

Why would anyone want to burn less than .wav?

This is the first I've heard of Its prices for downloads are way below the major players, such as Qobuz. is it legit, @bolong? Are the files described as hi-res truly hi-res?

They certainly sound hi-rez especially after being converted to .wav. I also burn my CD's at the slowest possible speed in my legacy windows media app and use Plexdisc Digital Audio CD-R's in the Taiyo Yuden version.

One might also notice that some listings are available at 24 bit FLAC. My CD transport will not play those files but it can upsample 44.1 to 176.4, so I have been quite satisfied with that. In a good recording I can hear every little thing.