Anyone familiar with the Empire brand of cartridges?

  • I recently bought a Harmon Kardon Rabco st-7 turntable that came with an EMPIRE 2000Z MM Cartridge installed ,anyone have any good experiences with this cartridge or brand ?
Good specs for an elliptical. Needs only 43dB gain. 1 g tracking force. .25 dB channel balance.
This looks like about the top of their line. They stopped making them 1990. No one stocks reasonable $$ replacement styluses.
Just use it until worn down if not already.

Great cartridges, American classics, there are better models, but yours is ok. Try it!
Get a bottle of Stylast and use it before playing an LP side. This will reduce diamond wear and extend life!
I have an Empire 4000 in my collection. These are all excellent mm cartridges. Now sadly forgotten along with the Empire belt-drive TTs. I have four of those!
Really long post about Empire cartridges over on AudioKarma.
jason, they are not forgotten, just harder to find. Not cheap back in the day so not as many sold.
Thank you Bill! It's been awhile since I visited AudioKarma! Anyway I almost exclusively use mc cartridges.
Thanks for all the great 👍 information guys ! The stylast is some expensive stuff though ! 
@fuzztone ¨They stopped making them 1990. No one stocks reasonable $$ replacement styluses.
Just use it until worn down if not already.¨

Have you tried the  replacements from Lp gear already?  I,m about to get it for a worn Empire 750LTD and the vital line replacement that lp gear sells is about 80 dlls. Of course that,s about how much I paid for that cart 10 years ago. But if it is something on a similar level to the original LAC it might be worth.

Thanks Fuzz ! I’ll check out Lp gear and probably should get several before they really get expensive 👍👍👍✅🌹
I got a 2000Z NOS/NIB years ago. I just put it in a drawer and forgot about it — I was using only Moving Coils cartridges. I finally tried the Z recently and it blew my mind. I have carts I'd call analytical or mellow or romantic, but my first thought on hearing this one was "Exciting!"
A friend is a cartridge retipper. Over the years he's heard just about every cartridge ever made. He calls the 2000Z a "WOW!" cartridge.

Mine is over 40 years old and still thrills, so longevity is not an issue.
Because mine is NOS, I haven't looked for a new stylus, so I can't advise you there... unless you want it retipped.  LP Gear offers two; the more expensive one has a finer stylus and might be better than the original.