Familiar with the Audio Legend

While at the Show in NYC last week was drawn into Audio Legend's room by a beautiful female vocal that spilled into the hallway. Couldn't believe the marvelous sound that came from these small pyramidal monitors driven by their triode monoblocks. Returned four times hoping to be able to try my jazz and orchestral reference cds in order to learn how they sounded on music other than female vocals, which the presenter obviously favored.

Anyone familiar with these speakers, and how they sound with a broader array of music? Has anyone ever listened to them driven by amp(s) other than the company's own?

Many thanks.
Heard this system at the last NYC show. I was very impressed and was wondering the same thing. So I asked to hear some other material. I remember hearing a drum solo recording and some popular rock. I asked the gentlemen to turn it up, and wow-plenty loud. People started crowding in from the hallway and were equally impressed. Sound was lively, punchy, and just a lot of fun. And he said come back tomotrorrow and hear it with our more powerful amp separates (I did not). Audition was with the Legend integrated and a mid priced CD player-sony I think.
I researched the equipment when I got back from the show and saw little info on the web and some not so rave reviews in the mags. Unfortunatly I let the reviewers influence me. I realize now I have better hearing and/or taste than them. In addition the speakers at $4k are high for me and nothing ever found used on Audiogon. But I must say that was the most enjoyable room for me. My question is how good is each component on its own merit-eg, how would the speakers sound with other equipment.
Grandpad, my experience is just like yours and Joekras. I too liked the Legend "sound". Don't know which component was contributing what to the sound, but as a whole, it was very good. The little pyramid shaped monitors use a Focal mid-woofer and what we think is a Focal tweeter. Focal is the raw driver division of JMLabs out of France. Sean
The Legend guy always does a good demo at these shows. The room is darkened, the speakers are way out from the back wall, and he plays sparse, "pretty" music, most of which makes me want to puke. But I wonder what it would be like to actually live with the stuff at home.
It's kind of an old thread but I'll respond anyway. I bought the Legend speakers. They sound fantastic on everything I throw at them. The shocker is the bass respone! People that listen to my system keep looking for the sub that isn't there - it takes a lot of convincing for them to believe. With a strong amp (I have an Aragon 8008ST) they're tight as can be. They're always demoed with tube gear so they may not be amp sensitive but I like the way they mate with a powerhouse.
Imaging is very similar to the Spica TC-50 (which, in my book, is a serious compliment) and the range is vast. The Legends can handle very high SPL levels. Classical is solid and detailed. Rock is filled with punch and slam. Jazz is 'there.' I honestly believe you have to move up to the Avalon Eidolon to surpass them.
The $4K was too much for me, too, but I bought in a moment of weakness. They're worth every penny if you've got the pennies.
They had one of the better sounds at CES too! There is something about their entire system, but the speakers do hold their own. You can pick your favorite color to boot!