Anyone from the Greater Detroit Area remember this

I read a recent tread called "IT'S A SOUL THANG" and boy did that bring back some memorie's for me growing up wright in the thick of the "Motown Sound".Every December at the "FOX THEATER" in Detroit,they held what was called the "MOTOWN REVIEW",it was held on a Friday and Saturday,for 2 weeken'd straight."Little Stevie Wonder",Temptations,Smokey,they were all there.Doe's anyone else remember this? What about "WCHB" AM 1440,best soul station in Detroit,then.Remember "White's Record's",on West Grand Blvd.and Ferry?What fond memorie's!! Hope you enjoyed this,I am currently living in Iowa.Thanks!!! Ron...
I grew up hearing stories from my parents (they went to Mumford High) about the weekend Motown Review. They used to attend regularly. Now it's all beginning to make sense. They had nothing but Motown in their record collection. Then we moved to California, and they picked up some Herb Alpert, Steve Miller, and The Eagles. I even taught myself to play the drums--on my father's set--to "Songs in the Key of Life" & "Hotel California".
No wonder I'm a freak for African & Brazilian music. Talk about a Jew chasing his Motown roots.

Ron007, you just connected the musical dots of my life!

All the best,
hi ron,im pretty sure "white's records is a crack house now,that whole area needs a net dropped over it.

Hey Ron007, growing up in Highland Park, I caught the Hamilton Bus to the Fox for the Motown Review. Bus fare was $.25 and admission was $2.50. And you talk about WCHB, remember "Frantic Ernie Durham & Butterball Jr" When all other record shops were closed, Whites was still open to midnight. I remember leaving a wedding reception and my father stopped by White's to pick up a copy of Stevie Wonder 'Uptight Everything Is All Right" Always good to here from an old schooler.

And Boa2, I am a Mumford grad also. Class of 1973
I also attended a couple Motown Reviews and went to the James Brown 1968 concert at, I think, Masonic Auditorium. Just me and my and my buddies - Dale Taylor, Dan Gebauer, Dale's older sister and her friend - and I think we were the only white people there. I remember signing along to "Say It Loud (I'm Black & I'm Proud)" and all of us shouting out the refrain "Say It Right, I'm White and Out-a-site!" The other fans there thought we were hilarious and everyone had a blast. James' band cooked like nothing else you can imagine.

In 1976 my friend Ron Blackwell and I got escorted out of the Dearborn Hyatt Regency nightclub during a James Brown concert. He and the kickass super tight band were stomping out "Get Up Offa That Thang - Shake Till You Feel Better!" and since there was no dance floor Ron, me, and our dates pushed a couple tables aside and started dancing.

Say, anyone remember Artist's Music Centers' "Battle of the Bands"? Lots of blue eyed soul boys up on that stage except the damn Woolies seemed to win every time!
I was a graduate of Edsel Ford High 1973,it is "really" great to hear from Tomyran,Xagwell,and Boa2.My friend and myself were the only white people at "several"motown reviews.Everyone was there for 1 reason,and race did not matter.Bus fare was 25 cent's,ahh those were the days.Dearborn Music,on the corner of Michigan Ave,and Monroe was also a good record store.Nothing came close to White's record'however! You mention Butterball Junior,his real name was Wade Briggs,I had the pleasure of interviewing him at WCHB,on Michigan Ave and Henry Ruff Road,he even let me "slip cue",a couple 45's at White's Record's,while he was doing a live remote,what a thrill at age 15!! Remember "JERRY SCHONETH'S" ROOSTERTAIL?Good to hear from you guy's!!! Ron007
Used to work in some not so pleasant areas (12th and Clairmont) fixing up HUD homes during the 60s. Would listen to WCHB and WJLB all day (Martha Jean, the Queen). When concert tickets went on sale, I would run down to White's Records to get mine. Always in the first few rows of many wonderful concerts.
I am from Detroit but only a young 45 years old. I heard about the Motown Review from my dad and a friend's mom who was a Detroit police officer.  I always daydreamed thinking about how cool that would have been if I were 10-15 years older.  I had nostalgia for something that I couldn't be nostalgic about because I wasn't there!  Great post!

@jdyell , wasn't 12th and Clairmont the epicenter of the 68 riots?  There was a lot going on in that neighborhood.  It's depicted in detail in Detroit 1968--the movie from a couple years back.
Born and raised in Detroit. Been in the bay area for a lifetime. I remember the Motown Review. I didn't attend many. I remember seeing Jackie Wilson as an adolescent. A memorable show indeed. What an artist he was and taken far too soon. White flight was in full force when I graduated high school (Mumford). One of the Miracles of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles moved in 2 doors down from my house. 
Dinah Washington and her husband , the famous football player, "Night Train" Lane, moved in on the corner of my block. Detoit was , like so many others, a city of institutionalized segregation.
Oh man, Detroit used to be THE place! The Grandy Ballroom, remember that? I was too young to participate in all the happenings but it was quite a time. I spent a six year hitch in the Michigan National Guard and my Staff Sargent was a former limo driver in Detroit. He used to drive all the names mentioned above to clubs all around the Detroit area. This guy had more stories than anyone I have ever known. Jackie Wilson said......
I grew up Downriver from Detroit. But, I am a rocker... Bob Seger etc.

My friend and myself were the only white people at "several"motown reviews.Everyone was there for 1 reason,and race did not matter.
Yeah, I remember those, and I agree with your comment. The best one I can (semi) recall was seeing the Ike and Tina Turner Revue - great stuff. Though most of my time was spent going to rock concerts at the Grande, Olympia, Cobo, Masonic, various ice arenas in Detriot and Windsor ... wow. I saw so many terrific performers.

It wasn’t so good by the late 80’s. I lived in Windsor, and I’d go across into Detroit all the time. Car City Records! (out on 8 mile)

I’d make SURE that folks knew I was Canadian, as when in the segregated areas, they’d give me a break, as I was a harmless Canadian...not into all that segregation stuff, don’t know what it is, don’t know what it a blank a dog that ain’t never been hit.