Anyone have a Little Fwend tonearm lifter?

Thinking about buying one of these, was wondering if it was worth $250
Dunno but for reference my Thorens tonearm lifter I paid <$20 or so for many years ago still works swimmingly every time on my Linn Axis.

This looks very similar:

Lifting a tonearm ain’t rocket science.
I've got one on my Origin Live Resolution TT. Easy to set up, works great, looks great. It's not the cheapest product, but it gets a lot of use and looks much better than most of the other lifters out there.  

The Q UP looks pretty simple and certainly cheap, may give one a whirl as $49 will not break the bank!
I used the Q UP and found its light plastic construction moved it out of adjustment after time. Also its spring loaded mechanism reacts rather violently.

I wanted something more elegant so I moved on to the Expressimo Its a clever design and more graceful with smoother operation but I found it difficult to adjust overall.

So I moved on to the Tru-lift which is easier to adjust and is gentle as well as elegant. Its not perfect either though and I suppose I would replace it too if I believed there was an ideal solution (no brainer set it and forget it).

The tru-lift footprint is small enough to fit in the spot between SME tonearm and Thorens TD 160 platter. Gentle graceful lift with brushed steel to match my td 160 top plate. But it works on some records better than others since it needs enough run-out room to trigger. And it sometimes triggers too early. I cannot forget it after its triggered or my tonearm may slip off after a few minutes of running unattended.

I expect the Little Fwend has all the pros and cons of the tru-lift since they appear to use the same technology. In the end I couldn't live without one of them.
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Thanks thanks to all for the info and links. Going to buy something, not sure which one yet. Probably get the expensive doo dad
The LF has a rubber strip on the top of the lifter to hold the tone arm so it does not move when being lifted. The setup also makes it so the lifter seems to always trip at the same spot, at least I haven’t run into a situation where it doesn’t trip or trips too early.
I just bit the bullet and ordered the tall version from Gene Rubin Audio who gave me a $10 discount so ran out at $239 shipped.
Should be here just after labour day so will report back when installed as to my thoughts on it.
Haven’t bought anything yet, would appreciate your opinion on the Gene Rubin Audio version 
They highly recommended it So I thought would give it a try.
Once here and installed and trialled will report back.
So unfortunately. The Little Fwend could not be made to fit on my tt, arm combo without interfering with something during normal play and so had to be returned.

I cannot say how well it worked obviously but can give an opinion on craftsmanship and vfm.

Very nicely made it seems but think the actuating arm looks a little flimsy for long term use.

Overall I would not say I think it was great value at $239 and would not buy one again to try again on a different tt.
I would explore cheaper options first.

Just my thoughts you understand
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I have the Little Fwend. I like it! I got it as a gift from my awesome GF who really knows how to pick a gift. Well, actually, ken at Needle Doctor helped, but a great choice nonetheless!

Anyway I would not call it a good value but it’s well made. I think I’ve had it about two years, since before there were so many options as there are now. Not a bit of trouble with it. Before this, I had the QUp. It worked, but was very fiddly. The plastic would slip and I’d have to adjust after a few hours of play, even when I taped it in place.

The LF has a stick-on metal disc and a very strong magnet. I may adjust once a month or two. It is way smoother than the QUp, which was kind of abrupt, and you can hear it in the tone arm when it clicks. The LF is smooth and dead quiet.

Also, I really like the look. It matches my tone arm and looks like it was there from the factory. As a gift it was perfect, and I think it looks cool. Not sure I’d have bought it myself... but now that I have it I would buy again. Pics posted in my system page.

Is it worth the price? Probably not, but considering the price of some tweaks, it’s not that big of a deal for a nice system.
I have had a Tru-Lift on my SOTA for 30+ years and it's never let me down. They're $275 these days but they have a lifetime warranty.

I installed a Lil' Fwend on my VPI prime at first.  It functions flawlessly.  I don't use and of the supplied discs.  The magnetic base is adequate with the VPI plinth.  Positioning is easy.  The height is adjusted with a 0.9mm Allen key.  It doesn't take much to round the square corners of the soft metal key.  So if VTA changes are going to happen (accompanying cartridge swaps) this could be a concern.  Unless you put in a supply of Allen keys.

I just purchase Tru-Lift as the aesthetic appeal of its design exceeds that of the tapered conical design of the Lil' Fwend.  The Tru-Lift depends on two-sided tape or the Blue Tack that is supplied.  The height is adjusted with a 1/16-inch Allen key.

Both these items function well and smoothly.  As for cost, some are content with a Yugo and some prefer a classic Jag.  An additional layer of protection for a $3k+ MC cartridge stylus is as they say "priceless."