Anyone have experience with Gershman Avant Garde vs Studio II speakers???

I currently have the Gershman Studio II's and loving them so far. To me they are airy, detailed, very forgiving and incredible bass. Love them so much I am seriously considering upgrading to the Avant Gardes.

But my listening room is small at 11.5 ft by 14 ft.

Anyone that have listened to both, what do you see as the main differences I would expect to hear?. Worth the price difference?


I’m a Gershmann fan. I’m sure if the speakers fit your room you are taking a step up with the larger floorstanders.  Note I have heard the monitors and loved them but have not heard the Avante Garde. 

I’ve heard both but in different rooms/times so I can’t reliably say anything, but I’d have to think the AGs would be an improvement.  I’d buy a used pair of AGs,  and if they don’t work out you can sell them likely for little loss.  That’d be the best and most definitive way to make a decision.  There are a couple available now on USAM.  I love AGs BTW.  Heard the newest version at a show recently and thought they were one of the top performers there. Best of luck. 

Well I have it narrowed down to two choices...upgrade studio II to Avant gardes...other choice is upgrading my Audio Research SP17 preamp to the Pass Labs XP20 ...any thoughts on which would be best bang for the buck??

@mact3333  , I did a quick search to see what the Studio IIs are all about, and what I read was intriguing.  What are you driving yours with?

I also heard the AG at a recent show and it sounded amazing. I’m normally a Magico, YG Acoustic fan so was surprised at the great sound, maybe a sonic bargain. Reviewer Audio Bacon purchased a pair.  


FWIW I recently bought a pair of Studio IIs and wrote to ask GErshman several things and they said of my Hegel integrated:

"Amp Compatibility: The Hegel 390 integrated amp is an excellent choice to pair with the Studio II speakers. They have a great synergy that can elevate your audio experience."