Anyone have Nakamichi CR-7A parts?

I am looking for the "Reel Motor Assembly", part number CA80205A.  Not to be found anywhere and I'm getting desperate.
Mine is supposedly shot and needs to be replaced.  The repair shop, Just Audio in Baltimore, said they are no longer being made and to come pick my CR-7A up as they can't fix it. 
There is zilch reason to record cassettes in 2020. I just bought a mint Optimus dual well double auto reverse deck for playing my 90's mix tapes for $20 on Offer Up.
Why oh why?
Why oh why?  How about I have 500 casette tapes I recorded and would like to be able to listen to them.  Does either answer work for you?
Contact Willy Hermann. He had a graveyard of Nak parts last time I was there. You should find his contact info on the net. The CR-7A was a Nak worth repairing. Pay no attention to detractors!
I already contacted him and have my deck on his schedule to get it refurbished/repaired.  He said he doesn't have one but I have a feeling it is because they are getting so scarce. He may have to start scavaging from donor decks in the near future.  That same Reel Motor Assembly fits a bunch of Nak machines and might be worth someone making new replacements.