Anyone have the color codes for...

Hello Folks, I am looking for the color codes for the REL S-series III high level Speakon cable that PREDATED the change to the current Yellow, Black, Red. I have seen this in an addendum to my manual, but the manual is boxed among hundreds due to my recent move. I have several RELs, and figured I would simply take the speakon apart and note what color is on what terminal. NO GOOD. They used different terminals! The earlier cable is Red, Green, Blue. Anybody have one? Perhaps the S-series II used this cable? Sumiko is as usual, no help. Thanks in advance. Z.
Hey guys,

I bought this sub from Zieman a couple years ago. Damn this red, green and blue cable! I still don't know if I have it hooked up properly!

I have red going to R+, blue going to L+ and green going to R-.

Does anyone know if this is the right way to hook up the red, green and blue speakon cable to a rel sub?

if it works you got it right.. IIRC Green is ground.. other two are positive.. if you disconnect the ground it will stop playing..