Change Revel BE driver color to black?

Without audible effect.


I would not touch.   Ever try to get parts from Revel?   Not easy or cheap

I am assuming you want to paint them?

Not possible without an audible effect. Whether your ears can detect the change is another story altogether.

I don’t know about Revel, but the top speaker manufacturers weigh their cones and all other moving parts down to the milligrams and carefully chose the cone materials, mass and thickness, as well as many other parameters to perform as they want them to. Paining, staining or any other modifications will definitely alter the sound and performance.

Those don't come with grills?  If not, a better option would be to custom make some yourself or have them made.  Personally I was/got over wanting to see my drivers long ago.  If it was up to me speakers would be invisible!

Beryllium is an expensive, lightweight, very hard material that's great for tweeters.  I’d expect paint to add mass and change the sound, sort of defeating the purpose of choosing BE over other materials.  Don't do it.

I can’t image that would be possible without big effect on sound… negative.

If it bothers you that much, perhaps a different speaker could be in your future.  If you modify them, they will be worthless if you try to sell or trade in.  In other words, do not do it!

The weight of a berillium tweeter diagram is on the order of 5 to 10 miligrams. A mid-sized duck feather is 200 mg. Let’s spray a light coat of paint on that… what double the mass? I don’t know but it will be a non trivial weight change.

Is this a Focal Beryllium tweeter? I ask because I think that they're pretty nude. I My speakers have a Scanspeak Beryllium tweeter, and with the mesh that covers it, you can hardly see it.

All Be tweeters are encased in a cage. Because it's extremely toxic. Don't f with it.


"All Be tweeters are encased in a cage. Because it's extremely toxic. Don't f with it."

That isn't why. You're goofy. It's to protect the fragile dome.

Ummm....I suggest you look up the properties of beryllium. But whatever...what do I know? *ahem*

Goofy? Lol. Ok.....


I agree that it is poison, but what I was saying was that a screen is porous and wouldn't protect you from the toxic metal. It is just there to protect the dome.  Sorry for calling you goofy.

Ain't no big thing @roxy54 .

My point was to the OP.....don't mess with it, that's harm intended, no offense taken. Be good.

My beryllium tweeters don’t have a screen over them. Should I wear my sunglasses at night ? 


No, but you should see your doctor, you might have been poisoned; at least that's what some here think.


No, lol.....and I did find a Be tweeter that is not enclosed in a "cage", so I stand corrected.


That being said, I would leave it alone and not mess with it. And Be tweeters are so expensive, I surely wouldn't handle it and/or paint it.




I was not thinking of the tweeter; rather the white drivers :)  I'm hoping to find the best way to change them to black. 

I would trade them in for equivalent or better speakers with black cones. Paint will change one or more characteristics of the cones, magic marker would likely look uneven (every time I tried coloring something with a marker it has looked terrible).

@ptss Revel’s white drivers are white because of the material, which in turn is due to performance metrics as selected by the designer(s).

@ghdprentice got it when he said painting will change 1 or > characteristic(s). Most posts mention a change in weight and that is surely accurate. However, the change would not be so limited. Paint whether wet or dry presents an acoustically disastrous surface insofar as microscopy would reveal. Flex and vibrational characteristics would be utterly destroyed. I say destroyed because likelihood of improving the sound with paint would be for the man who bets on a three-legged horse to discuss with you 😆

White drivers are usually aluminum- or ceramic-based or -coated. Neither of those materials should perform the same if covered in paint. Black drivers are black because of dye in the paper or the natural colors of carbon fibers or other reasons by design. That’s why even most flamboyantly hued bespoke speakers are generally still paired with non-color-coordinated (black) drivers: it’s no simple matter yet to change driver colors, due to matters in chemistry and physics.

Not a bad OP question IMO. The bad question (literally and figuratively) would’ve been “Why do my Revels sound bad after I changed / painted the drivers?” 😉

If driver aesthetics are that important, (1) grill or (2) another speaker model mentioned by others seem to be your logical options. Any coloring of the drivers is likely to… color… your speakers’ sound even more.