Anyone heard of Waudio Company power cables?

Saw this on Amazon and seems to be well rated. I bought one of the cables for about 50 bucks, a 10 gauge audio Grade Power cord.

Not sure what to make of it. The company seems to only sell on Amazon as they have no website.

Anyone have experience with these things?


@jumia According to Amazon, the WAudio line of products are manufactured by a company called Full Tat.  This is most likely one of the many Chinese manufacturers that sell on Amazon.  Many have links on the Amazon site to take you directly to the Chinese manufacturers own website.  Very little specs on this particular cable but other I have seen have very good claimed specs.  If you, like many, don't believe a power cable improves sound..........

I don't know what to believe. Would like to know the name of a good manufacture of a power cable that won't charge $1000 for 10 feet

You stated above that you bought one, so what do you make of it? What’s been your experience with it?

  • Seems like a quality feeling cable and appears to be well shielded which is very important. Very stiff. Sound seems OK but it’s breaking in.

I’ve heard from other audio people did they use it without concern.

I guess what I’m trying to understand is can I do a lot better by spending a lot more money and exactly how much better is it supposed to sound with a supposedly better quality cable.

No one has been able to say anything to explain the sound quality coming out of a much more expensive power Cable.

I only bought one and need to buy about three more. If there was a higher quality power cable out there for about twice as much I’d consider it seriously but no one seems to know a good manufacturer of higher quality power cords.

Sure cardas Will sell you one and rip you off substantially.

Sounds like you're a cheap date at the audiophile store, and that's not a bad thing.

If you're happy that just means you can save your money and upgrade other pieces of hardware you deem worthy of your hard earned dollars

@jumia You are asking the same question I asked a few weeks ago in the thread called "The Last Power Cable Question EVER (from me)"  Just go there and read the 192 replies.  There is no sense in asking the same question again, as I was told many times.  You will not get any different answers.  Trust me.  

$50 is a fair price! Stop your neurotic worrying and spend money on something that really matters - like speakers!

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Those that claim to hear a difference if you spend hundreds and thousands of $$$ are just trying to justify wasted money.

I have several of these power cords.  The outer woven sleeve is cosmetic only.  It slipped on one end and the rubber like cable insulation is labeled "Furukawa Super Pure Copper Multi Conductor".  Furukawa appears to be a massive Japanese company spanning multi-industries. 

It has been a long time since using them on my mono amps.  In my system on the monos they seemed to add a bit of a veil, so I have them doing subwoofer duty.

I bought one for my amp, and it gave me a bigger soundstage, and extended frequencies in both directions quite well, without upsetting my balance.  I quickly ordered ones for my dac and pc also.  The dac was harder to notice, but was there.  The PC cable upgrade improved my soundstage and detail, as well as my monitors clarity and depth of colors, even though both are digital outs.

At this price, this cable will still be the same cheap wire as cheaper cables, only thicker gauge with some cheap shielding added.  It is, however, enough to sell me on power cable improvements.  Next, I am going shopping for a used name brand Power cable, to try on my amp for roughly $300.  My DAC is $2400, and most forum posters say they are spending much more on their cabling than that, but I have to work up to thinking it will be worth this, first.  Plus, I'll need 3, and then probably another for my speaker amp, so goodbye money until then, if the next one is worth the extra $.

But if you are a cable sceptic, this is the one to try first.  You can't go too wrong for $60.  Unless it works, admit it was cheap, and then want more...