Anyone heard the new Jupiter HT Beeswax caps

Do they have a high noise floor
How do they sound compared to Jensen caps
I'm looking to use these in the coupling caps of a tube amplifier
Tony Gee's cap comparison relates to speakers only. Caps can and usually do sound different when used in electronics.
I agree with the poster above
Tony Gee's cap comparison is for speakers only anyone have experiences with Jupiter in electronics (amplifiers)
Would they change the tone of an amplifier paired with russian teflons
I compared them to a set of russian paper in oil caps and the beeswax were noisy, grainy, and nowhere near as natural and organic (organic = neutral) as the ruskies. The russian caps were cheaper too. We are now using Jensen 4-pole caps in the power supply, however.
I tried the Jupiter and they were a bit noisy
I'm now looking at the Modwright caps anyone have direct experience with Dan's truth caps m and t series ?
The new Jupiter caps are Excellent for loudspeakers the flat stack are ever better and more resolved then the round HT caps.and are rated roughly a 12 .i have used Mundorf silver oil ,also a very good the reason I like
The Jupiter is they Are more natural sounding,layers upon layering of instruments ,nice top end without the over extended top,And the bass is
Fast and tight,unlike Teflon
I recently have installed 4 -3.3 uf coupling on the outputs in my Vacuum
Tube preamp with over 300 hrs on these these flat stack caps,which are better then the round ones.
If anyone is hearing anything but musically involving there is something
Wrong somewhere else down stream. Several of my electronics associates
Turned me on to these as true rising stars for loudspeakers as well as electronics.these to are -High temperature will withstand heat up to
170 degrees grain, grit is not in this caps makeup very natural sounding.
Felton's may be slightly more detailed even the cu- vh.bypass caps as good IMP especially for that high cost.