Anyone Heard the new Powersnakes?

I understand there are replacements for the Blk Mamba, the Cobra, and a new King Cobra. The replacements are the Viper (for the Cobra), and the King Cobra v2. The Blk Mamba will retain the same name. Has anyone had a chance to hear these new ones and if so, what did you think?
I am awaiting 3 x King Cobra's for my front-end and 2 x Vipers for my Monoblocks. I ordered them 6 weeks ago and have been told that they will only be mailed this week. Release of the new products was delayed by the late arrival of one of the cord components.
no haven't heard them,but me and friends of mine are drawing the line.i own 2 king cobras and 2 black mambas and a close friend owns 5 king cobras and 2 blk mambas.can you beleive a 500.00 upgrade on a 2000.00 powercord,that you were told was the best 6 months ago. sorry folks but am just tired of this game of money burning. by the way i'm sure they're wonderul-everything he designs is.
I have ordered 2 vipers for my mono amps. I talked with Caelin at Powersnakes and his description indicates that for instance the Viper is quite a diffrent sound than the Black Mamba. The BM is more forgiving and moves the soundstage farther back, while the Viper will raise the level of speed and transparency. I don't know how these compare to the other cords though. I got a King Cobra for my CD player and was immediately considering two more for my mono amps after hearing the diffrence the one King Cobra made when I found out about the new line of cords. I'm sure they will be awesome.
No, I have not heard the new versions of the Powersnakes yet. I probably won't and don't have the desire. For me what I already own 5 Cobra's and 2 Black Mambas were supposedly the best that Caelin could design. Had I known this I would have not went as far as I did with purchasing 5 King Cobra's.I personally have had it with this audio stuff and won't consider anymore upgrades.....period! I do think that most of you will eventually "burn out" like myself. There's more to discover in life besides the uselessness of upgrading audio components. It's been a long twenty years and I am giving up after chasing that rainbow. Cheers to All
Sorry to hear it Chuckie - one thing for sure you are going to save a buttload of cash!
Anyone heard the new __________? It's greater than the last new __________.
I spoke with Powersnakes yesterday. They said that other than using their own plug now, the Black Mamba has not been upgraded. They had considered it, but the upgraded cord is actually the Viper.
Yes! I finally got 2 Vipers v2 for my Pass Monoblocks. I am thrilled with the sound right out of the box, and they are supposed to get better with break in. Email me if you want the number of a guy who can get you a great deal.
Ejlif, your experience is certainly different than mine: I am disappointed in the sound of the viper v2 AFTER 10 days of intensive break-in. I purchased it to go on my Resolution cd55 and my 'el cheapo' vansevers pandora cord sounds just as good, if not better on it. My tg audio 'a' cord sounds better on my 47labs amp. I'm curious to hear if anyone else has been disappointed in their shunyata, or if it's just me, which is entirely possible.
I was disappointed in two different Black Mambas that I tried, over two months.
The powersnakes can only be as good as the power supply in the component to which they are attached. The whole power cord thing to me is the final straw in diminishing returns relative to money spent. I believe in upgrading cords and cables, and thereby finetuning a system, but I don't believe in spending more than my least expensive audio component (or else why not just upgrade IT?).
Soupcon- I am surprised by your results with the Viper. I originally purchased a King Cobra for my Wadia player and I was so impressed with the sound that I ordered the Vipers for my amps. These power cords are easily the biggest improvments I have ever done to my system, and that includes major component upgrades. Did you try breaking them in on a high current device such as a power amp? Did you find the sound to be to bright or to laid back? I inquired with Caelin from Powersnakes before purchase and he advised only using the Viper with the finest equiptment, and that the Black Mamba would better suite lower class products with it's more laid back sound.