Anyone heard the new Prince vinyl reissues?

The title says it all, actually. There are, like, a dozen of Prince's albums, from the first through the greatest that were recently reissued. (The latter, in my opinion, would be "Sign O' the Times.") I could just pick up a couple, of course, and listen, but figured I'd ask just in case anyone has heard any of these reissues.


I used to love many of his records, no longer have them on vinyl, and would like to have them on wax again if they don't sound like complete crap.




-- Howard



No idea, I am not a huge Prince fan, but I hope it sounds good for you. I tend to stay away, mostly, from these new pressings. They tend not to sound all that great to me. Of course there are some exceptions like anything else....

I’m lucky to have the originals. Reviews on Amazon of Purple Rain say the remaster and recording is excellent on vinyl. (The standard black vinyl version). Some reports of a skip or two. YMMV.

EDIT: noticed it is an older post. 3/22.