Anyone in the Central Ca?

I was wondering if there is a audio club in central ca and if so, what is there email or website. Thanks
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I am located in the Orlando Fl area and for the past few years I feel like I'm the only one here.
Sorry for the late response. I haven't been on this site for a long time. I am about two hours away from you.
I'm in Atascadero, CA, near San Luis Obispo. Would love to find some nearby audio nuts.
Hey Rick, I started a thread re: Central Coast CA club or interest. Glad to hear there's at least one more besides me! It would be great to get a few of us together. I feel like I'm doing this in a cave.
Tholt, Im in south county. If there is sufficient interest mabey we could get something started.
Hello central coast audiophiles.I live in Atascadero also.Would be cool to meet others.
Rick, Potlicker, would love to get together...
Potlicker got your email and replied. I'm interested in hooking up with other like-minded audio nerds. Rick, whereabouts in so county are you?
Update -- an official audio club is starting in Central CA. Central Coast Audio Club. We have a website which is the club name. First meeting is January 3, 2010 at Players Pizza in Atascadero 6pm. PM me and I will send you a flyer. Hope everyone can make it!!
Hey,I just got my computer back together(fried the motherboard)and got online to find that I missed the first and maybe second meeting...Is the club still on?