anyone know actual output of mark levinson 27.5?

not sure if i need to bi-amp with another 50 or 100 watt amp or if this is really more than 100 wpc, need enough to drive b&w matrix 801. 15x25 room, mainly classic rock. thanks for any help.
It is rated at 100 wpc.

However, the review of the 27 (not the 27.5), stated that it measured closer to 140 wpc before they clipped.) This is based on my memory of the review that I read a few months ago, before I sold my 27. (Funny enough, I sold it to a guy who was going to use it with the B&W 801s. If I could remember his name, I would pass it on, but I can't as it was a year or more ago. Sorry. I never heard a complaint from him, so I "guess" it worked ok. I would think more power would be better, but then again, isn't that almost always the case?)

Hope this helps.
I know someone that was running the 27 with Nautilus 801's...he said he didn't know what he was missing until he switched to the 336. I would say that the 23 or 23.5 might be a better choice without haivng to spend the big $$$.

just my 2c

The 27.5 is an excellent amp, but for speakers requiring
lots of current (like my Magnepans) the 27.5 can seem
anemic. I sold it and got a 335 (500 W/chan @ 4 ohms) and
the dynamics were greatly improved. I agree with Ellery,
spend a little more and get the 23.5
The small CDM series much better-off with 200Wpc at least.
N801 wants at least double otherwise you're wasting whatever this speaker can do...
I have owned both 27.5 and 332. I would say that the 332 is much better 27.5. I modified the 27.5 then the sound is acceptible with transparent of sound. Without modification the sound was poor! (I means the origional 27.5 having cloudy sound.
I don't agree with above negative comments regarding ML 27.5
I own the unit from new and i love the sound ,look ,feel and build quality of the product.Then again it is to be expected from Madrigal . its pushing 100 w per channel dual mono high current design ,best parts,made for life.
i wouldn't sell mine and as the matter of fact i am looking for a second one in fine condition so i can bi-amp.
i do own tube gear too.i enjoy both worlds.
no ML 27.5 is a keeper for me.sure there are more expensive amps ,but in realistic terms the 27.5 is superfine
it was rated class A in stereophile in its day.

happy listening
George one person likes his 332 better than the 27.5...big deal...the essence of the posts are not bashing the 27.5, most actually do think it is a wonderful amp...I'd love one myself for my B&W cdm1nt's...but I know that it wont do justice to a pair of 801's unless maybe biamping...who knows.
Ellery hi,
yes i agree your 801,s are big speakers and need a lot of wattage . most likely i will end up buying a second ML 27.5
for bi-amping in my system but my manual clearly states that bi-amping the 27.5 will result in degraded sound quality(in the words of Madrigal) even though i am aware of that i still like to have two 27.5's in front of me.
as for tubes i got two rogue mono's as well .