PrimaLuna ProLogue Two vs ProLogue Premium


can you help me someone?Now Im playing with ProLogue Two.But Im thinking about ProLogue Premium.Can I get more of Premium or have to stay with Two?

What I meen:

Here in this review is man talking something about light bass.So it will play worse in bass line like is playing ProLogue Two?Have you got someone some experiences please?Will I be better with Premium like now Im with Two?

Thank you so much for answer.

Best regards from Slovakia.
Why not pass on made in China and buy a used ARC, CJ, Manley, VTL, Quicksilver or one of the other made in USA amplifier?
While I agree that there are some nice USA assembled amps the Primaluna is a very nice design in Holland, great price point, built in China option. Better made than many if not most Chinese gear it has a great sound and is easier to roll tubes and use.

That said the Quicksilvers are nice but monos so you need a pre.

The OP is in Slovakia so I doubt he cares if its MADE IN THE USA or not.

I have not heard the Premium but i doubt you will see a huge difference in sound. It looks like mostly bells and whistles, nice but if you are going to upgrade upgrade.

ps, Xstream, I spent a long weekend in Bratislava and loved it.
If you can listen to them side by side and can hear a difference worth the money, then upgrade to the Premium.

If you cannot do a side by side comparison, I'd stay with the Prologue 2 and save your money until you can afford an upgrade that will make a big difference in the sound of your integrated. It is not worth the cost and trouble of selling your Prologue 2 and buying a different integrated for a small improvement in sound.

The Prologue 2 is a very good integrated. Stay with it until you get a chance to hear something you like better. The differences you read about in reviews are not always as noticeable as the review makes you think.

I hope all is well in Slovakia.
P.S. You can usually get the biggest improvement in sound for your money by upgrading your speakers, in my humble opinion. It is important that you listen to them first. It is best if you can listen to them in your home.

Most of us have tried to buy audio gear by reading reviews. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It is usually better to listen first.
I've gotten fantastic results from tube rolling in my prologue six, I would think you could get the same results in your ProLogue two. Tung Sol EL 34's made a big difference for me. Sorry I can't be of any help with your question.
Tomcy6 makes a good point. I had Triangle Cometes but really heard my PL2 when I got some Ref 3A de Capos. Best improvement to my system.
I have owned the ProLogue Two for several years now and have been very satisfied. I've always had speakers which are easy to drive and I think thats the most important feature to consider with either model of amp. If I were in your shoes, I would go with the ProLogue Two and put the savings towards some really nice tubes. Thats where I wind up spending my cash. Regarding your concerns about the bass, thats been more dependent on speakers and the 12ax7 and 12au7 tubes for me.