anyone know the best tubes for pv10al.......

i currently have RCA's and the sound is bigger,more detail and dynamic, but ive lost the focus and soundstage that i love with the original tubes. which were some unknow german brand. i quess this is tube rolling time for me. any experiences with the mullards, tungsol, telefunkens, amperex or any other tube youve had succuss with would be greatly appreciated. im looking for image, soundstage, focus, long life, gain, detail, and headroom extension. i dont want a rolled off sounding dark tube. please let know, thank you for your help in advance.
CJ's don't roll like many others. Stick with factory suggestions. GE 5751's, maybe NOS US made 12ax7's. Call CJ to see what they suggest...
I have the CJ manual.I will check.Pretty sure they bear out what Elevick says though,cheers,Bob
By the way, I called CJ a while back. They have a VERY strong opinion on what tubes to use.
CJ manual is vague.They dont recommend a tube except to say you should buy from them!I will call as its the only way besides rolling which doesnt excite me,YMMV,Bob
thank you all for your response. i talked to C/J today, the pv10 came with a german tube, they are now pushing the ecc82 and the 6189 which is a phillips tube. i got that one, but the switch is on or away from the regular tubes they use to sell. just fyi, that still dont answer my question on the other tubes that are available that might work better.
I like Siemans the best, the Mullards are my second favorite. CJ told me the E. German tubes are subject to arcing which happened to me and blew out my volume pot.
i have owned the following tube preamps:

cj pv 5, pv8, premier 2 and premier 3.

i have found that the circuit design of these preamps is not very tube sensitive.

if you contact customer service, he will probably suggest that while tube rolling may alter the sound, its affect is small.

if you are already experiencing detail, how are you lacking focus. both detial and focus are highly correlated with each other.
Hi Mrtennis, your experience with rolling tubes in cj amps is a little surprising to me. I've rolled tubes in all my cjs: Premiers 5, 11a & 17LS. I have been gratified in each instance but in particular, with the 17LS. Installing NOS Amperex 6922s was a revelation.
thanks mrtennis for those tidbits. i currently have amperex, rca, tungsol, phillips mini watts that i just got. and will be trying the mullards and siemens next. i feel the tungsol have the best sound so far.... but all have their strengths and weakness.
my room is damped and therefore nit ispossible that changes in high frequencies brought about by chaningibg the tubes in my various cj amps were not as noticeable as in a very live room.

i have noticed the damping to affect the sound of other tweaks and even reduce differences between the sound of preamps anad amps, but not eliminate them. i can still hear differences in texture of hifg frequencies betweeen ss amps and tube amps, its just that some of the resolution in the treble may be attenuated as a result of the room treatment i use,

i think it is only fair to reveal this relevant material.

by all means try different tubes and see what you hear.

i hope this helps.