Anyone notice this with PrimaLuna EVO 400 remote??

Just wondered if any PrimaLuna EVO 400 preamp or integrated owners have noticed how imprecise the volume control is with the remote? The increase with the lightest touch of the button (if you hold it down, it will get away from you quick), is significantly louder (softer if you're lowering the volume) from the previous step thus making fine adjustment up or down impossible.  Is it just me or have others found that too? 

For some this may be no big deal because they may have dedicated listening rooms where they can set it and go, but unfortunately I get frequent interruptions in a non dedicated listening space and therefore quick and subtle volume adjustments are needed. But beyond that, I don't want to go from soft to LOUD with one push of a button. I want to hear those levels in between as well--without having to get up to walk up to the unit and change manually.  I know this will confound some here, but this lack of control is kind of deal breaker for me. YMMV.  
Remote like that, worse than useless. Have you tried calling Dave Thompson to ask about the one they use in the Raven?
Yes it's too coarse but my biggest complaint is that aluminum remotes feel cold to the touch. Really cold. 
volume control is such a primary, essential aspect of high end audio gear ergonomics... poor designs of these are a bad indication of the overall thoughtfulness (or lack thereof, i should say) of the maker...

i like primaluna, have a power amp... but this on their top of the line integrated or preamp would piss me off to no end...
jjss49, I agree and to be honest it really did piss me off.  The overall build of the unit is simply top notch but then the remote and the volume control synergy--or lacke thereof-- do seem like an afterthought.  They boast about the japanese alps blue velvet volume potentiometer, and I'm sure it's a quality component, but it does not behave well with the supplied remote unfortunately. Anyway, it was too much of a frustration for me that I couldn't live with it. That and the fact that I leave my ss power amp on all the time and I hated having to turn off the amp in order to turn on the preamp.  I'm sure it's a great piece of gear, but it didn't work for me. 

millercarbon, I haven't called Dave at Raven because he only has integrated amps (that I can see on his site) and I need a preamp, plus I've decided against tubes for now. 

Think I'm going to get the Pass xp-22. 

look into don sachs, conrad johnson, herron, among others -- they understand how important volume control smoothness, granularity, and adjustabillity is, and implement much better than what you are describing

frankly i am surprised kevin deal/primaluna put this out there working as poorly as it does ...

How much of the dial were you using in total? Too much gain could significantly reduce the adjustability in your preferred loudness neighborhood. I’ve been considering low gain tube preamps and the EVO300 was on my list. This sounds like an issue I’d like to avoid, but I figured I’d be safe with preamps under 12dB of gain. 
Alaska, I haven’t had the issue you described. Usually I give my PL remote  a light tap to move the volume up or down. I like the calibration and the tank like build and simplicity of design.
Thanks everyone for the replies and thoughts...

I was hardly using much of the dial at all, in fact, the only source I was using was my turntable with ortofon 2m black.  Phono preamp set at 45db of gain, and then dialed back to 42db of gain.  With that, it didn't take much of a clockwise turn at all to get loud. For example, the vol dial marker starts "off" at approximate "7 o'clock" and by "9" it was loud... and yes, the PL 400 preamp only has 10db of gain. 

I'm glad you are not experiencing this, but I did exactly as you said...just a very light tap to move the vol up/down.  However, it was not a smooth increase/decrease, it was a considerable jump/change in volume.  As I said, I could get it more precise by manually adjusting, but then that defeats the purpose of the remote--at least for me. And I totally agree... The build and beauty (to me) of this preamp is really excellent and I had wanted a PL for several years now. I really wanted to love this amp, and I tried.  The initial listening was impressive especially how it tightened up the bass, but in the end I couldn't get past the annoyance of the volume control for me.  So I'm not slamming PL at all, it just didn't work for me. 

Maybe it was just my modest system and the lack of synergy between components? My phono stage is the Gold Note PH-10 with external PSU-10 unit. TT is rega rp6 with upgraded delrin platter and groovemaster subplatter with the above mentioned ortofon.  Cables are balanced Morrow MA4. Power amp is a humble emotiva xpa-5 gen 2, also with balanced interconnects. 
Cabalaska: Why whould you need to turn off the SS amps to turn on Evo400 pre? Im considering this amp to drive my new Parasound JC1+ mono´s  but your statement makes me re-think the lot, maybe go for a Audio Research item instead. Thanks in advance
Alaska, I am guessing the remote is bad. Can you get the seller to replace it for you? It should not behave that way. My PL remote volume has never jumped like that and the volume should be a very gradual change. Let us know how this plays out.
I had an EVO 300 preamp with the very same issue. It's one of the reasons I sold it. 
I have an Evo 400 pre and notice the same response - I have learned to do a quick tap on the volume keys and have some success doing that. I am using this pre and 2 Evo 400's amps in mono configuration (w KT-150 output tubes) and cant believe how good it sounds. I cant stop listening to my system since I sold my higher priced gear and purchased the PrimaLuna gear. (it was used so my spend was lower)
I wanted to post this due to some of the responses were going toward a negative impression of a product that is amazing sounding in my system.  

I am currently demoing the evo 300 integrated and found the remote excellent and volume control very precise.  It moves the volume knob very smoothly.

First I want to say that I love my PL Dialogue Premium Integrated. Depending on the source, I have run into the volume knob issue described above. If I use my Denafrips Ares II DAC which outputs 2.2 Volts RMS (RCA), and for my listening levels of around 65 dB in my 13' x 16' living room, I cannot go past the 9 o'clock position with the volume knob, and each volume step is noticeable to me. If I use my RME ADI-2, I can lower the volume (output voltage) of the DAC, and then use the volume knob on the PL up to the 3 o'clock position, and the changes in volume are relatively small every time I tap the remote control buttons.