Anyone out there

I have been thinking about "downgrading" my main 2 channel system. Am I a fool?
I have been enjoying a BAT VK75SE for the past half year being driven by a Theta Miles and driving a pair of North Creek Rhythm Revelators Sigs. There really is nothing wrong with this system and it offers everything I value in listening, in short, I love it. However, I have a 2 year old son who knows how to touch things and say "Hot!" and I have a listening room that has the system on one side and a TV on the other. Integrating the tv to my main rig seems sinful but inevitable. I also have the desire to set up a second system in a different area of the house that we spend most of our time in. So extra cash from the "downgrade" may be put to a good use. May result in more time in front of the stereo!

So to make a long story short... Does anyone have a recommendation for an integrated amp that would provide musical pleasure and fit nicely into or on top of a rack away from fingers? This would replace my lovely VK75Se and also eventually take inputs from a cable box (argh!!!) and a DVD player.

I'm thinking about the Bat Integrated, the Cary SLI80 or the YBA Passion. Of the three I've only listened to the BAT and never in my system. Any experience with these units compared to the VK75se? I would prefer to stick to tubes, I would prefer at least one balanced input on the integrated.

Thanks for any opinion. -Karl_desch
Unison Unico int amp is outstanding. Dont let the $900 used price fool you as it is wonderful.

"Integrating the tv to my main rig seems sinful but inevitable."

I know, and I feel your pain. Some things just aren't fair, dang it! Although I will say this: I "defiled" my Intuitive Design Summits with a movie soundtrack recently and the results were BREATHTAKING! So, some clouds have a silver lining! :)
hi, we think we're on same both, i have a 4 and 18 months..and the 18 months old understands and knows HOT...

I had a BAT tube amp and pre amp...but have since unloaded the pre-amp. and the amp were in boxes until recently...and are now on the market..

(side note: they do make a tube cage for the bat vk75se, contact victor for detail, this was share with me by a gon member here, john)

as for the Yba passion..i had opportunity to purchase it, however, imho...the pre takes a back seat to the amp. and if coming from bat...well, i think it may disappoint...

also, like you, i am downgrading..but i rather call it due to space consideration, two: the tubes and toddlers just don't mix, and three: wife has decide junior is to take piano lesson and thus we are now in market for a piano...and my HT/listening room/living room will house the grand piano....

to answer your question, most logical would be the bat integrated...
Forgive me for offering advise other than what you requested. Perhaps a different cabinet/rack might resolve your immedeate dilema. You could purchase a rack that would accomodate your TV, offer appropriate ventilation for your audio gear and have locking doors to prevent access to prying little fingers.
Have to agree with Unsound. Rather than 'throw the baby out with the bathwater', I would try to get the amp up off the floor, high enough to avoid curious probing hands. The 75SE seems to be the only piece which could cause harm to the innocent. Switching components may provide a safer environment yet breed discontent down the road, given that you are so content with the system's sound. Good luck.
Thanks for the responses. Unsound, Rgurney, actually, the danger of burning little fingers is pretty minimal and not my cheif concern. I just thought one advantage of an integrated would be getting it away from the boy.

Rlew, sounds like you just went through the same thing. Do you know the BAT integrated well? Thanks for the tip about the tube cage. Viktor has always been great to me.

I guess another way to look at the problem here is that I need a preamp for functionality (getting the TV into the mix), and can't afford a VK31/51 level of quality piece. The inspiration to sell the VK75 and go for the integrated was based on the ability to generate funds for a nice integrated. I realize that there will be some sonic comrimise but I was looking for insights from others who have listened to good integrateds.

My ultimate goal is to actually listen to more music, and get more use out of my main rig.

Keep the comments coming. Thanks.
How about a really nice receiver?
Most of them have all of the inputs you need-including digital for dvd or cable.
I would look at a B&k or even a rotel?
Rgurney, thanks for the vote of confidence. However, I must warn those w/ children about top heavy cabinets. High TV's are dangerous enough. Children have died from toppled TVs. If you enclose the amp, which is usually the heaviest audio compenent beneath the TV it may help stabilize the cabinet. Obviously placing the amp up high may have the opposite effect and probably require more expense in longer speaker cables. While still not ideal many of todays thinner TV's have less of a negative effect between speakers than older deeper ones did. If you can pull the speakers out past the cabinet you may find the advantages of superior video sourced sound worth the compromse of audio only sonics. Best of luck.
sorry never had a BAT integrated in my home, but with respect to the integration thing, it is still unresolved..

i was at one time in the market for the Linn classic movie di, scratched that idea, to pursue the Lexicon RV-8, but scratched that idea as well, still in the air in terms of the t.v./audio integration but in meantime
i have since unloaded the bat pre's and boxed up the bat amp. for when the children knows better, but plans have essence, growing needs of the kids versus my limited budget...
I was faced with the same dilemma a year ago and solved my problem with the following. As weak as it may sound, I segregated into 2 listening areas(I had an extra bedroom I could play with) and downgraded the TV setup significantly. Went to a local retailer and bought a NAD L55 all in one unit, mounted a pair of Mirage wall mounts and a small Mirage sub. The L55($600 retail) is a 2 channel setup but they make a suround as well I think L 57??) I compromised heavily but it's one box, a cable box, speakers off the floor and the baby can't touch anything. The sound is fairly good as one would expect out of mid-fi stuff but it got rid of all my family problems.
I then setup a bunch of new MBL gear in the extra BR. MBL 9007 mono's, 5011pre, 1531 CP player and 111e speaks. Still kept and setup my McCormack UDP1 for when I want something a bit crisper than the DeltaSigma in the MBL player, and will be setting up my Aries 2, Benz Ruby3 table setup next week.
The room is off limits to wife and kids!!! My den.
Everybody seems to be much happier.
Best of luck!

Nice solution. I beleive the NAD pieces are L53 (2 channel) and L73 (5).

I would love to get the main rig away from the TV, but that room has the best acoustics. Upstairs, we have a nice family room with great space but it would be hard to acoustically treat it and keep it good looking. So I'm not excited about putting the good stuff in that room. I just don't think the components can shine through up there. But a second system would work great there, like a Music Hall/Epos thing.

I will just have audition some integrated in the main rig to hear the comprimise. Or just get a good preamp and integrae the system into the TV.