anyone try powered Mackie Hd1531 for home use?

Tired of tough to drive speakers and limited SPL levels so gonna audition these and see how it sounds. Anyone with experience? Thanks
Make sure you get them on stands to raise them to the correct height. I don't think pole-mount stands would be appropriate quality for this purpose. The listening position should be far enough away such that the drivers integrate properly.

I use JBLs (PRX412M) on Target stands in a 11' x 14.5' room with listening position about 9' away from them. No subs used. They are passive and I drive them with a Crown XLS 2500 power amp. They rock.

PA speakers don't usually have the detail of a good studio monitor but for much rock music that can be a good thing.
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"09-15-14: Chadnliz
Dual use but mainly music. Also going to check out JBL 735 speakers."

That's a good idea. In this case, I feel a demo is an absolute must. There are too many unknowns. After you listen to them, can you post and tell us what you think?