Anyone use the Walker Talisman?

How well does it work for Lps -CD's Equipment-Cables?
I use it on LP's and CD's.. but honestly I can't tell any "night and day" difference between using it and not using it. There may be an audible difference there, I just haven't noticed it.
I definitely hear the Talisman on the tape head of my cassette player. No bout a doubt it. The tape head needs to be degaussed every two hours of play.
Have a Talisman its just ok paid $75.00 that is what it is worth.Im using Furutech Destat and Furutech Demag both are wonderful and make a big improvement in sound. I recommend getting Destat mk 1 above the Talisman.
I use the Talisman religiously on all cd and vinyl an it does make a difference. I combine it with the DEstat II and it works incredibly well, as well as being able to hear the one time I didn't do it.