Anyone using an HRS platform with VPI Scoutmaster?

Hi. I am currently using a 3" thick maple butcher block platform under my Scoutmaster. The maple sits on the top shelf of my Atacama Audio Equinox rack, with small isolation pads between maple and the metal of the shelf , and is level. I think it sounds great, but I have never heard it with any other platform. I'm curious as to what effect an HRS or similar platform would have?

Thanks for your thoughts.

I think you should consider using a Vibraplane. I have one under my turntable and it made a big positive change.
Thanks Jperry. I see you use it with an SME table. Have you tried any other isolation platforms? are there any downsides to the Vibraplane?
I have not tried anything else, but I did extensive reading, and selected the Vibraplane over the Minus K because leveling is easier. The other alternatives were out of my price range at over $10k. I have a manual Vibraplane which you inflate with a hand pump, then level. It takes 5 minutes every few weeks.

You might want to talk to the distributor, Steve Klein at Sounds of Silence.

I think there are two types of vibration devices. One like the Vibraplane and similar devices that shield from outside vibrations, and others like Stillpoints or Nordost Sortkones that drain vibration from the equipment.

i think the Vibraplane does an outstanding job at about the same price as an HRS platform.

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Jim Perry
Check out Symposium Acoustics. I use the Symposium Ultra under my Super Scoutmaster Ref. rim drive with excellent results.
Thanks Hiendmuse and Ebm. I have heard good things about Symposium. Here's a question: with my current setup, if I rap my knuckles against the plinth of the Scoutmaster with the volume at normal listening level, I hear absolutely nothing from the speakers. If this is the case, do I really need anything beyond what I have now? Thanks a lot.
I would place the Symposium Ultra under your turntable on on top of a Vibraplane. I have my SME sitting on Nordost Sort Kone TC on top of a Vibraplane.

Both the Vibraplane and the Nordost Sort Kones made an improvement.
Wow, both really? Would you mind elaborating please given my question above? Thanks.
The HRS absorbs and diminishes vibration from your turntable according to their information from their website.

The Vibraplane prevents outside vibration from interfering with the performance of your turntable.

They do different things. I would use a Vibraplane with the maple platform as I think it will have more effect, but you may have a different experience.

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Jim Perry
I meant to say if I were choosing between the Vibraplane and Symposium I would purchase the Vibraplane first, and use it with the maple platform. Then you can consider whether to add the Symposium Platform.

Also to clarify from the Symposium website:

"NOT designed or intended for isolation of extremely low frequency footfall problems

Will further improve analog turntable sound quality when used with or without additional low frequency isolation devices"

Thanks again for your thoughtful and informative comments. I appreciate your sharing your experience and knowledge on the issue.