Anyone using Mapleshade bases for Gallo Ref 3's?

Hi everyone,

Mapleshade offers larger maple bases with brass footers to replace the skinny stock bases that come with the Gallo Reference 3's...

They claim: "More rock-solid bass, extra midrange warmth and detail, new treble clarity. And the extra tiltback corrects the Reference 3's time alignment and gives standing listeners much better treble and imaging."

I was just curious if anyone has experience using these bases with their Gallos? I would love to know if they are a worthwhile upgrade.

Thanks in advance!

Or with a little elbow grease and for less then $150 delivered,you could get a pair of these:
Could you or someone give me the measurements of the stands you had made. I would really appreciate it.


They are made with one piece solid 4 inch thick kiln dried maple

15"x12" in size. The brass feet at the front are 4inches high and the rear are 2 inches

Hope that helps

I have mine on Firlam blocks scrounged from a neighbour's house build. I'm about to remove the stock spikes and replace with some DIY spikes which will lower the speakers slightly and better couple them to the blocks. The blocks are also spiked. Pics of the setup at AgoN user "Bedlam Bay". Still plan to spray the blocks to match the stands.