Anyone using Teddy Pardo XPS for Naim nDAC and Teddy Cap for the Supernait 3? Any good?

My system : Oppo BDP105D Universal Disc player/Transport > The Chord Signature Super Digital Coax Cable BNC > Super Lumina DIN5-5 DIN >Supernait 3 > NACA A5 Speaker cables > Totem Forest Signature Speakers.

I’m looking to upgrade the Supernait 3 and the nDAC with outboard power supplies. With Naim’s recent price hike I’ve been scouring the net for good pre-love gear. Not a lot of inventory in the US and if the is a candidate is the 13 years old and on the brink of a refresh.

Does anyone have any experience with Teddo Pardo products in Isreal? Is the voltage compatible, how was the shipping experience? My biggest concern is with the voltage match-up. If any one has used the Pardo products and tested them directly with the Naim brand was their a difficult in PRaT? Any assistance you have is greatly appreciated.





Pardo yes. Fast fulfillment, high quality, great value.

No Naim experience other than audition.

Thanks fuzztone - The main reason I'm looking beyond Naim is due their 2022 price increases. Wow! I still think their Naim HiCap is affordable but I can justify retail on an XPS DR or larger. 

Hoping for more replies. 


My only experience with Pardo is their upgraded PS for my Naim UnitiServe music server and it was a discernible improvement in all ways. Ran that for two years before upgrading the server. He has it all figured out.

thank you celtic66

After doing pleanty of internet research and speaking to them they seemed on the up. I ordered a Teddy Pardo XPS for my nDAC today. Looking! forward to receiving it.


I am considering the TP XPS for the same setup. I already have a teddycap in the SN3 and have been enjoying the improvement. How do you like the Pardo XPS on the nDAC?

I use a TP LPS for my Nucleus with great success. Another unit was ordered for a customer and shipped this past Thursday and it should be delivered by Tuesday! Fast and relieable on all accounts.

(Dealer disclaimer) 

The Teddy Pardo XPS really delivers on the nDAC, in my experience, especially for the price. The Pardo Burndy is good but I'm reading Naim's is better but expensive. 

I have both Naim's and Teddy Pardo's 4 and 5 pin SNAIC's. The TP's are more dynamic! but the Naim's are more natural and musical - more Naim like. 

The right power cable can make the Pardo units better. 

Last month I installed Synergistic Research Orange fuses in the TeddyCap SE and the Supernait 3. 

I upgraded the Supernait 3 and the Teddy Pardo TeddyCap SE with the Synergistic Research Purple fuses. I favor the Purples sonic signature over the Oranges. 


i use the teddy cap in my naim xs2, it makes a significant difference in sq - greater ease of presentation, yet added clarity, reduced grain

for naims i think these upgrade linear power supplies are important as the gear is designed to take full advantage of them

No Naim experience, however, I have several Teddy Pardo power supplies that I’m quite pleased with. Excellent customer service, well built, fair pricing & fast shipping.

jjss49 - I agree completely! What power cable are you using on your TeddyCap? I’m using Teddy Pardo’s complimented with Furutech’s FI-50 Rhodium, stainless steel and Carbon Fiber plugs. Coupled with the SR fuses my preamp section of the Supernait 3 is performing at a very high level.

I’m also using the Teddy Pardo XPS power supply on a Naim nDAC with great success. Also using a Teddy Pardo power cable there.

jmfinney - I also agree with you!!



Today I ordered a Synergistic Research Purple fuse for my Naim nDAC. The Oppo BDP105D's fuse is not accessible. 


@nutty what’s been your experience with the Synergistic Research fuses? I’m thinking of getting either orange or purple for the nDAC and Supernait.

How much of an impact was there when you added it in to the XPS?

brandonfin - In my experience the Synergistic Research fuses are a worthwhile upgrade in both the Supernait and the nDAC. 

In my experience, the Oranges offer 3d holographic imaging but less low frequency extension. I prefer the Purple fuses as they offer a more overall coherent neutral sound. Great extension at both frequency extremes. 

I'm currently auditioning the Shunyata Delta XC v2, 10g and their X EF, 10 g power cables in addition to Synergistic Research Foundation 10 g and 12 g on the Naim and Teddy Pardo electronics. Both offer excellent performance!

The Synergistic Research fuses have a 30 day return policy, what do have to lose?  ;^)

Good luck 



Teddy Pardo PS for refined, detailed and nuance

Naim PS for drive and dynamics

My experience was with Naim Hicap DR and Teddy Pardo Dual Teddycap on NAC 202 and NAC 282.