AQ PT-6 bad cueing mechanism ???

Is it possible to fix a cueing assy that works intermitently ? It seems to dampen the lowering of the arm once, then the next time it just drops fast. Once it sits for awhile it will work one more time again.

This is an AQ PT-6 arm.

I also see jelco has one available that should fit.


Dear Wayne: You already have the answer: the Jelco cueging device. I understand that Jelco is the one that build the AQ tonearms.

regards and enjoy the music,
Hello Wayne my friend,
As you may remember, I own both the AQ PT-8, which is now on a Denon DP-2550 Table, and the newer PT-9 which now resides on my HW-19 Table.

There seems to be variance with these cueing mechanisms. My PT-8 a couple years back began to drop too fast for my liking, the damping seemed to be gone, so I undertook the disassembly of the Cueing mechanism on the PT-8, snd re-built it.

The correct Allen Wrench, and a set of Jeweler's Screwdrivers were required to disassemble-remove the top Chrome Cap of the Cueing Cylinder, then one inside, you will find a Brass Piston, and a small coil spring, akin to a Ball Point pen Spring. When the Cueing lever is dropped, this releases the Cam then lets the Brass Piston fall, and is aided by the help of the small Spring.

Without some form of damping grease in the cylinder, acting as a cushion, (and I assume this is what dries up over time), the cueing mechanism then loses its nice smooth, controlled drop.

As has been mentioned, one can spend the $50, and get a new part, via Jelco, or re-build yourself? Drop me a PM if you'd like dicussing this more? Mark