Cueing Lever Issue - Repairable or Replace?

Hi - I have a Music Hall MMF 7.3 turntable - only about 14 months old. When new and the tonearm was lowered, the cueing lever slowly dropped and stopped just shy of the plinth. Since that time, the lever now rests directly ON the plinth once lowered. This makes it somewhat difficult to grasp and has caused me to, at times, disturb the tonearm when attempting to raise the lever. Is this repairable or does the entire cueing mechanism need to be replaced?






Most every cuing device I’ve ever seen is height adjustable. Look for set screws on yours usually they’re tiny and have an Allen head. Sounds like yours may have come loose.


As Lewm says above. Just be careful that you don’t raise it too much or the arm will not drop.

On 2 of my TT’s the cueing lever sits very close to the plinth. So I use a wooden chop stick to raise the lever. Works quite well. Trimmed the stick to 4 inches long.

Joe  Nies

It is also possible that the lever slipped. In addition to raising the height check to see if the lever has a set screw. If it does you may be able to adjust it.  

Set screw is what I was describing but yeah. Can be 2 set screws, one for height and one for angle or fit viscosity 

Thanks for all the feedback thus far. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any set screw(s) on the lever...

Look carefully on the column that houses the piston that moves vertically to push up on the arm wand.  Be sure to inspect it from all aspects. The set screw(s) will be very tiny, usually. It’s hard to believe the cuing is not adjustable. Moreover your story suggests the set screw came loose which is why the cue no longer works properly. If all else fails consult the manufacturer.

The owners manual is available on line. It states you got an Allen head wrench with the TT expressly for adjusting the cue. Read the manual.

Again - thanks to all. I have the owners manual and it did reference the allen wrench, although with no instructions as to how to use it. I l found the wrench and did indeed locate a very small set screw in the pillar. It did not seem loose, but I tightened it a bit and - surprise! - at least for now, the lever is now about an 1/8 inch above the plinth!

Appreciate the help.

Update - Unfortunately, the problem came right back a bit later. So tightening the set screw did not prevent the cueing lever from resting on the plinth when the tonearm is lowered.

Music Hall is now owned by MoFI. I have contacted them several times in regard to securing a new mechanism and they have been unresponsive thus far.

@gnoworyta I believe buying a new tonearm lever and replacing it is very simple

 This is what you would need.