Are prices and what is being sold a reflection of the economy, as some other sites are?

I am not sure about high end audio or second/third systems...but in other catagories, like sports cars and summer homes....when times get tough 

financially, selling off the expendibles seems to happen.  I have sold off 

items because I wanted to and sometimes, because it was proper for my 

financial situation. 




there have been members on here that have mentioned in their listing that they have to sell for financial reasons.

audio will always be here.....but if its a matter of being able to pay a mortgage, electric bill, car payment, food....then sell what you need to.

this is a hobby......not a necessity

We are currently in an unusual situation with very high inflation and a good economy… weakening a little. Assuming the Fed is successful in slowing the economy the price rising may not open up much opportunities for lower prices.

seems to be a weird variance between used stuff trying to be sold for both extremely high prices, but also some great deals...I think the high prices partially related to often long waits for new units...