Are there any receivers that have dual 12 inputs

I'm looking for a receiver that would allow me to hook up a SACD player and a DVD-A player. I know I could just buy a universal player, but upgrading my receiver is my priority right now. I have way to many DVD-A disc to just switch over to SACD only. If I could find a receiver that would allow that, I could eventually replace my wifes TEAC multi-disc cd player with a sony C222ES player and have it all.
I don't know of any, sony did make a pre with two sets of inputs at one time, they come up used here and on e-bay every now and then. You could go with a switch-box if you can find nothing else at a good price.
Sony TA-P9000ES, now discontinued. There are a handful of preamps with dual 6channel (or more) inputs but you were asking for receivers.
Ya know, I didn't even think of preamps. Thanks Kr4. Are there any other recommendations in preamps? The sony is pretty hard to find.
Try this: this is a high quality passive switch-box with remote.
The current generation Sony ES recievers had dual MC inputs, if thats what you mean. Model names are DA4ES and DA7ES. They have recently been discontinued so if you want one you better look fast!

The Adcom GTP-880 just started shipping and it has inputs for both DVD-Audio and SACD. The SACD input is a DB-25, while the DVD-Audio inputs are 6 RCA connectors.

I just got mine this past week, but I haven't put it into my system yet - that is the task this weekend.