Are Vienna Acoustics really this good

Vienna Acoustics have snuck into my house via my home theatre system. I finally got around to listening to them with music and I can't believe how good they are. I have what I thought was a very good and expensive high end system (Apogee, Krells and ML gear. The little VA's keep drawing me in and I would like to know if others have found these speakers to be superior to many of the over priced over hyped audiophile favorites i.e.B&W etc. Are they really this good?
My impression listening to the Vienna Acoustics Mozart at at local Tweeter store are pretty impressive. The sound a lot better than the small Sonus Farber(not fair to compare 2000+ speakers to 1000 speakers?) My concerns are whether they will sound good for a long time, meaning no or very little listening fatigue.
I think the new B&W Nautlus are overly priced,not that they sound badly. There are few speakers out there with less money and less fame that sound better than the B&Ws.
Erniec, you should read Nezwek's thread entitled "SonusFaber GP? Other recomendations?". He mentions that the combination of Krell amps and Vienna Acoustics Beethovens were the best he heard.

It seems that VAs do both movies and music very well.
Too bad Tweeter sells them. Their salespeople are clueless. I was interested in listening to a pair, but they were so poorly set up that I knew they had to sound better than they did in the store. All I got from the salesperson was a lot of hyperbolic sales crap.

I suppose the B+W Nautilus are pricey, but they are not hype. They do sound great. Unfortunitely for mere mortals they sell well at that high price. If you go to B School they will teach you to charge what the market will bear. A used pair of Matrix in good shape are a great bargain.

I've had 2 pair of Beethovens (version 1 and 3.2). THE BEST I'VE HEARD FOR THE MONEY!
I heard the Mozart's in an all Krell system and was very impressed with their smooth mid's and sweet high's. I've also heard their latest flagship speaker (don't remember the model right now) and was also favorably impressed. They make a fine product.
After many years of listening to speakers I purchased the Vienna Mozart’s. (Space constraints and $ prevented my buying the Mahlers) I had listened to Sonus Faber, Audio Physic, B&W, to name a few all around the same price point. The Vienna’s sounded right. With others speakers I always felt "something" was missing; bass, openness, tone etc. I have listened to them for nearly two years, often for hours at a time and never found them fatiguing. I added their center speaker and Hayden's to my HT.
The fact I rarely see them for sale second hand indicates owners would be very happy with them.
If the Vienna Mozart’s have a weakness, it is in the bass. I added a REL subwoofer to fill out the bottom end. A local dealer believes this combination is better than the Beethoven’s.
I believe they are very good speakers at a very competitve price point. I believe they work well with all amps but always try and listen to them at home with your equipment.
I have owned the Beethoven's for about 6 months now and cannot be more pleased with the performance, not to mention the gorgeous, slim-line looks (I bought them in Rosewood). I liked them better than the Mahlers. I use them with a REL sub but when I turn off the sub they still sound very rich, deep, clear and convincing. I use an Ayre V-3 amp (100 watts solid state) and K-3 preamp with them, and the EMC-1 CD player. This is a GREAT sounding system and I bought it all here on Audiogon, except for the Beethovens, which I bought new. 6 months later, no regrets, no listener fatigue.
I've owned Mozart's for over a year now, and am very pleased with the speakers. The speakers sounded better after several weeks of use. My joy is the smooth, seamless sound these little speakers produce. The Mozart's sound good at all volume levels, and do not fatigue. Vienna Acoustics match well with Classe electronics. My system consists of Classe CDP 1.5, CP 47.5, CA 300, SilverAudio interconnects and speaker cables.
I own a pair of the Mahlers and am very pleased. I am using with 500 watt per channel Bryston 7BST monoblocks and an Audible Illusions L1 linestage. The speakers just disappear in the soundstage. The bass is very deep and tight and the midrange/treble is as natural as I have ever heard. The build quality is outstanding. I do not think you can get a much better speaker without spending $20M or more. I am not as familiar with their less expensive speakers but would expect them to be very well made based on my experience with the Mahler.
Well, I would say one thing. For me was necessary to decide between B&W and Vienna. And after I listen to both ... I've decided to go with Vienna. Sincerelly don't know too much about other speakers (high end speakers) I mean I know- but never listen to compare. I am in love with Vienna and for the music I listen they give me 100% satisfaction. So I am happy with Vienna. Sincerelly I put the sound on the 1st place, so basically from the begining I knew B&W have a english/I will not say American "wierd" design or "no taste design" - I didn't careso i said which souns better that's it- that is what I will use. But Vienna are a splendor ... 1st top quality! Anyhow ... how I said the most important thing is to like the way they sound! I am happy I choosed Vienna and I have a good ear - Vienna are good speakers - I will not say B&W are not good speaker- they are excellent! speakers but again - listen to them - the one you like the one that works with your house- those are the one you need to go for.
yes i was blown away with the wide soundstage the mozarts are just so define. great tone i think the wood cabinet makes them shine. i had a cary sli80 intergrated tube amp and what bliss. my cary was sold big mistake, now i have a nad NAD C 375BEE Integrated Amplifier. its a stand in for my next hi end amp, but the mozarts can handle the massive power of the nad amp. deep base yes i said deep base!!.
next up a krell s300i huge yes im a power nut. i feel you cant go wrong there good for jazz,rock, classic,new age ect. thay can handle 200 watts.