Are you surprised Audio Technica does not market a high end table?

Or close to high end? AT produces world class cartridges, even expensive high end cartridges. I'm surprised AT has not branded a bonafide higher end TT since they already sell turntables (DJ and entry level). I think the LP7 looks like a nice TT, however, I do not think it is considered High End. I would figure AT would at least team up from a higher end manufacture (Clear Audio, Pro-Ject, etc) to produce a table worthy of the Art 1000 cartridge. 

Did AT ever produce what would be considered a high end TT?


Not that I'm aware of. They did sell some very nice tonearms, I like the ATP-12T to use with low compliance carts like my Denon DL-103, it's a perfect match. They made a number of other highly rated arms as well.



Audio Technica is a go to for functional and practical, not “high end”.  Always a reliable go to brand.   Been that way for many years.