Arm for Thorens TD-145 /160 ?

I've been holding back on a higher performance arm for my Thorens TD-145 'cause I'm a lazy kind of person when it comes to my free time and I really liked the auto shutoff, but now the little magneto went bad and no more auto-shutoff. So now I need an arm that is "reasonably" priced and will work with my Denon 103 but not shut me off to higher compliance cartridges. (I have an Ortofon Om-20 as well) Any suggestions?

I was quite happy with a mayware formula 4 on the Td160, it was great with grado cartridges and a shelter 501mk2 . I also rewired the arm with cardas so I could connect directly to the preamp. The results were worth more than the cost to say the least. As my thought process is now I'm not sure if there is an arm I wouldn't do this to if possible.

I have a Thorens TD 150 with a Rega RB250 and an Ortofon Om-20. It tracks very well and is quite detailed in presentation, at least compared to the original arm.
Thanks everyone.
Some good answers that stayed on point/ topic! I posted the same question on Audiokarma and simply got arguments as to why I shouldn't change the TD-16, cause it is such a great arm (I think it is a decent arm, by the way- I just want a better arm for my greatly upgraded TD-145- I believe it deserves it!). I was also told there is no better arm for which I can use the DENON 103 due to it's low mass.
I appreciate the actually USEFUL answers and I will get down to some studying!
Hi Mingles,
Saw it, I've heard SO much about both those arms with this TT I'm totally confused; I think it's about 51% to 49% that the Rega250 is not a great match for the Thorens suspension, and the word on the SME seems to come down to which version, a great upgrade, and/ or "over-rated". I MIGHT just get a newer TP16 that's right and leave it at that....It seems that for $250-$300 there may NOT be a substantial upgrade- unless I get lucky used. Anyone out there?