Ars Sonum/SBAM hook-up

Just got my Ars Sonum today and it sounds fabulous. I want to hook the SBAM into the tape loop and use my TT for one source and my CDP for another. Right now I am having a major brain phart and the manual is missing. I have it hooked up as follows- CDP to disk input
TT to input 3
Rec (I assume this is the tape output) to SBAM input.
SBAM output to input 2

Set Ars to input 2- nothing
Set Ars to disk input- sound.

But I assume that is coming straight off the CDP and not being processed through the SBAM. Help me out here, boys and girls. What has my feeble mind missed? Of course I will call Bobby in the morning, but for now, I'm stumped.
I am guessing here[sorry],but being in the tape loop will only give you 1 source,be it TT or cd or radio.I think you need to be between the amp and pre amp for more than 1 source.I should know for sure but dont.Good thing its almost morning,Bob
Bob- Ars is an integrated amp w/o pre-out main in jacks, so SBAM cannot be inserted between pre and amp. I have placed the SBAM in the tape loop of my other pre-amps and that works just fine. Also from the BAM manual, it seems that tape loop is allegedly the way to go for multiple sources, which makes sense, because you want to be able to record from multiple sources when you have a tape recorder, which is typically inserted into the tape loop. In a conventional system, the tape out goes to the recorder or processor and then the output of that device goes to tape in. There is no tape in on the Ars, but there is a jack labeled Rec. I assumed that it record (=tape) out and is the output that goes to the BAM input and then the BAM output goes to an unused input on the Ars integrated. But it seems I am wrong. HELP!!!! BTW, there is no tape/monitor switch that I can find, which would of course be the first thing to check.
Of course,its an integrated,I feel dumber than usual now.Yes,a tape monitor switch would solve everything....well,I can't wait to hear the answer,see you in awhile then,good nite,Bob
Hi Swamp,

I am pretty sure that this is the way it goes. When you select CD, it takes that input and sends a signal both to the amp section and to the tape out RCA’s. In your setup, when you select input 2, it is looking for a line level source signal, but you only have your SBAM output to it, thus nothing is being sent to the “tape out” RCA’s in the back of the unit. It is truly not a tape loop like that of the Joule Electra preamps and others, it is simply a tape out and will only output IF you have selected the input with an actual signal going to it.
Bobby will probably explain it better.
I talked to Bobby. It turns out that this one was actually special ordered to not have a true tape loop; the person who ordered it used their CDP as a pre-amp. I assume it works the way David described. Ars literature says it has a tape loop and of course, the BAM manual suggests that it be inserted into a tape loop. I assumed it was a fully functional tape loop. Seller made no mention of the fact that it was special ordered and appears to suggest that he had no knowledge of same. My options are 1. return to seller (out shipping both ways); 2. manually change inputs to the SBAM when I switch from TT to CDP (royal PITA) or 3. have my SBAM modified to have 2 inputs cost approx $150). I think I'll chose door #3. Probably ship speakers and SBAM back to Bobby and have the lead free mod done at the same time. The take home lesson is that there are special order Ars amps out there that vary somewhat in their configuration, and if you are buying used, you should verify based on s/n that the one you want is right for you.
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