To ARS Sonum/Merlins owners - Which CD player ?

Hi all,
Since we have pretty much same set up (Filarmonia + Merlin)
What is your best digital front end ?
Should a tube-base CD be too much ...tuby?
FYI: I currently using a Cary 306/200, was thinking to try AA Capitole, Raysonic 168, Ayon CD2 (all tube base)
Please post your comments
Hello, I dont have the set up you have but, my favorite is the AMR CD77(latest version). The Marantz SA-7S1 and the Playback Designs MPS-5(pricey). Your Cary is pretty good and so is the AA. This is the deal, I like both tube and solid state. It should'nt really matter, its all about the music. A well designed product, should get close to the music. Dont get pulled in the wrong direction and forget about the music. One more good player, the EAR Acute. Take care, All the best.
I bought the Capitole shortly after purchasing the Filarmonia. The Capitole replaced the Accustic Arts transport which replaced the Audiomeca transport. I prefer the Capitole over the others, but this too is in the process of being sold. I'm tired of top loaders. By the way I no longer own the Filarmonia either, but I still have the Merlins and I'm waiting for the new BAM.
I had a an Audio Research CD3 mk2 with my Merlins and while it was not a warm as my former Cary 306/200 it was far more transparent (I liked it better!), but both are fine units.
Thanks for all responses,
Interesting to see SCD-XA5400ES here. I like the idea of having SACD/CD in one piece as I have a few SACD titles
I'm curretly using Denon 3910 with TUC modded to handle SACD.
Just want to follow up my post: Got the Sony, burn-in at 150 hrs mark on RBCD and compare to my Cary 306/200 - Sony performance is about 8/10 to Cary - I'm using analog balanced output, I might keep it for a while to see any improvement.
Does anyone play ARS/VSM-Mxe and CD Meridian 508-24 ?. I am going to buy a CD player and hard to choose between Meridian 508-24 or Cary 306-200 ?. Please advise.

I have Filarmonia/VSM's and I have used the amazing Altmann Attraction DAC for the past two years. Best digital sound I've ever heard.