ART7 vs. ART9 vs. OC9X-series vs. Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Star

I'm interested in opinions of the listed cartridges from those with actual experience.  In particular, I appreciate proper instrument tonality and texture along with a well-defined soundstage and precise / tight imaging.  

I have a competent phono stage (with adequate gain for even the ART7) and accompanying electronics.  The new cartridge will be used on a VPI Aries Extended (original) table on a JMW-12 arm.  Current cartridge is a Soundsmith "rebuilt" Lyra Clavis D.C. on a second arm wand, not to be replaced.

Any thoughts?  

Past carts-OC9 III, ART9

I'm wondering if the new OC9 series is just cosmetic with threaded  bodies, a cantilever change?

You're aware the 9 has a following. The 7 supposedly has the slightest bit of refinement(said an AT distributor)
Maybe noticeable to some?

The difference between the OC9III and the ART9 was clearly noticeable. And I liked the OC9. Great for the price. Cleaner presentation across the spectrum in my rig. The OC9 would occasionally lose control with busy higher frequency stuff,where the ART9 stayed in control.

I enjoyed mine nearly 3 years? IMO, a top 5, $1K cart. I have no idea what the other 4 would be!  

My progression: AT OC9MLII > AT ART 9 > Soundsmith MIMC Star. Here is what I wrote comparing the ART 9 and MIMC Star (and also Quintet Black) in my VPI:

I haven't heard the new OC9 series carts in my own system. I did hear the new OC9MXL at the VPI house in an unfamiliar system so won't comment other than to say that Harry is a big fan of the new lineup. I was a big fan of my OC9MLII (and so is Keith Herron FWIW). Great cartridge for the money and probably all that anyone really needs. The ART 9 was better--cleaner, more refined, more detailed but mostly just lower distortion and an overall clearer presentation. The MIMC Star and the ART 9 are equally great just in different ways--you can follow the link for more comments on these two. 
dodgealum just read your review from 2017 - terrific!  Have become a fan of Sound-Smith cartridges and your description is representative to a house sound I've noticed - reminds me of the Strain Gauge and Hyperion I heard at CAF this year.
Note that the Soundsmith comes in a new more attractive housing. The old series were fugly.