As 3D & immediate as 8TC but with more bass

Hi guys, I currently have some cables on loan from the Cable Company, who've been great to deal with.

I compared my Clear Day Double Shotguns to Kimber 8TC, Goertz MI3 & DH Labs Q10 Signature.

The 8TC really surprised me. Unlike all the other cables, it projects an extremely expansive image which is addictive to listen to, wide & deep. Well recorded material sounds very pure and compelling. On compressed material, it does have a trace of edginess, though; it can be a little lean.

I'm wondering if anyone who's heard the 8TC could suggest some alternatives that do the 8TC's soundstaging & transparency, but with more bass and sub-bass?
Sorry Loftarasa,

Have not heard 8TC...but i can say that Transparent REference (newer ones MM1/MM2)are well known for spaciousness...and exceptional bass, really exceptional imho. i own older Transparent Ref.
The obvious consideration would be Kimber's 12tc. If you like the Kimber sound, 12tc wil be weightier. Alternatively, you might consider bi-wiring with 8tc on the bottom and 4tc on the top. That seems to be a very popular solution.
I owned 8TC and liked it alot. I replaced it with Tara Labs RSC 1000 which I purchased used on A-gon and the bass improved immediately.
I have owned 8TC, I currently have it in my system but being an Audiophile you never know what tomorrow will bring, on and off for the last ten years and keep coming back to it because other speaker cables in the price range may offer some short term bass advantage that long term does not overcome the long term musical and soundstage presentation. I have used the same Kimber Hero balanced interconnect for years and find it to be better than anything else I have tried in my system. I think that Kimber makes great quality cables at very reasonable prices.
Kimber 8TC is more cable for the money than anything out there. It is one of the most neutral cables I have ever tried. I own and have owned more than 2 dozen cables in all price ranges and the 2 most neutral, true to my components are 8TC and Stereovox LSP 600. They just get out of the way. No sparkle, no mid bass hump, no wooly bass, no emphasis on any frequency.

You will experience trade-off with cables, not saying thats bad but true. Another bargain priced cable that will give you big bass and is truly full range is Analysis Plus Oval 9. But you will not get the top to bottom coherence, it also will not image like the kimbers.