ASC Sound Panels

Hey guys. I'm looking towards buying some room treatments. ASC Tube Traps seem to be highly regarded but what about their sound panels? Not too many audiophiles seem to have their sound panels.
Hi, Howie -- I have 12 ASC sound panels, and I think they're great; they've improved a bright, echoey room without making it too "dead." They're easy to use (light enough to hang on a small nail) and to move around.
Yep, I have 16 (8) each side of the room and I agree with Racarlson that they do not over deaden the room. I also have used and saved a little bit by shopping around. They are deffinately essential to all audiophiles.
I'll agree with the posts above. I have 4 along with tube traps in the front 2 corners. The wall panels really help with slap echo in a few spots in my room. Big improvement in detail for me...
I think they do do something to the sound that is not entirely good, reminds me of Sonex in that there is a subtle but noticeable change to the quality of the sound; it was not without trying, as I had 4 panels to play with, never did find any combination that I preferred to no panels. I do, however, like the ASC Tube Traps, but not in the corners. I also had good results with Corner Tunes.
It seems to me that ASC makes the best tube traps so I'm pretty confident that they'll work for me and I'll get what I paid for so there is value in that.

But ASC isn't known for their sound panels and although I do think they'll work are they a good value?
Save yourself a ton of money and build your own.So far I have built Jon Risches tube traps,my own acoustic panels and ,skyline diffusers.I did the whole room for under 500.00.If you have the money to buy the real deal then go for it, if not I would give you some great advice on DIY.
It's not a money issue so much as I have no desire to build myself one. I am just not that handy and I would rather pay for convenience.
I have the flutter stix (which is now a specialty item). Expensive, but they helped tame about 80-90% of the slap echo in my room without killing off the sound.

Excellent WAF.

Don't expect any effect in the bass region; it did improve in regard to clarity of voices & instruments in my tiny room.

Of course, YMMV.

Happy Listening!
- DeeCee
It depends entirely on what you're trying to do in the room. The sound panels are spot absorbers with an absorption frequency range as specified on the ASC website. They won't substitute for bass traps in the corners, won't diffuse in areas where you need diffusion, but will absorb in places where you need additional absorption or have opposite wall reflections to tame. Typical uses are at the back of the room or near the ceiling in high-ceiling rooms. Usually they are used in conjuction with standard tube traps. In general, you should explore the room first and find out where its problems are before investing in specific treatments (reverberation, flutter echo, opposite reflecting walls or floors or ceilings, sound leaking into long hallways etc). Also furniture, curtains, rugs, and bookcases can do part of the same job.
I'll be getting some tube traps for sure but want to pick up some sound panels as well. Lots of companies to choose from when it comes to absorption panels.