asian music-similar to yo yo ma silkroad

I just got he Yo Yo Ma Silkroad and found that it is a stimluating recording for the senses. I would like any suggestion of any other cds which would sound similiar. I would love to experience the traditional chinese music and/or the chinese traditional/folk operas. Any suggestions are greatly appreciative.
Chinese opera is great. Most i would not put in the same sonic category of yo yo ma. I recommend a movie called To Live with Gong Li as actor

This was probably my first good introduction to chinese opera which of course is not relaxing to most people.

There are many good Koto CDs...on the more traditional but modern I recommend Shoko Hikage. My favorite however is her teacher, Kazue Sawai who can go from traditional to out there on the same track.

new albion label also is pretty asian inspired. I would check out the recordings by David Hyke in particular an old time favorite recording of Jamchid Shemirani (iranian tabla player) with david hyke.

enjoy it....mehran
Check out First Impression Music

Winston Ma, the proprietor, offers a wonderful catalog of high quality recordings of Asian music.