Step Down transformer W/Asian/Euro Integrated amps

I am looking to purchase an integrated amp from Asia or Europe that only comes in 220 volt (I live in North America). Is anybody out there using a step down transformer with a 220 volt integated or amp? I have heard that this is commonly done with cd players. I am not sure if it will work with an amp. Will it degrade the sound? Any advice would be helpful.
Hi, I used one on a Chinese amp with no apparent issues. No way to do an A/B comparison, so I cannot say if the sound was degraded. Probably not.
I rigged up a homemade extension cord from my dryer outlet. (please don't tell my home owners insurance company) It worked fine.
Good Lord folks! -- What kindof voltage do you have available to you to have to step it down to get 220v? I use my 220v outlet for a step down to 110v, but haven't even heard of the higher voltage converters -- at least for home use.
does anyone know where can I buy a step down transformer? I own a couple of accuphase things that run at 100v, and I have 120v at the house.
would it do them harm to plug them directly into 120v when they were made for 100v? where can I find a step down transformer? thanks