ATC SCM 40 question


I recently bought a pair of ATC SCM40 speakers. I have them placed in a room approx 12ft sq. They are on the back wall, seating on opposite side. I can't move the speakers into the room or move the chairs into the room as I barely got away with buying these and can't encrouch any further, the missus was not happy at the size of them!

Anyway, they sound pretty incredible a lot of the time, but I've noticed on some recordings, not necessarily bad ones, just they can come across a little shrill and sharp, like the highs are overheated somehow.

I'm driving them with a PS Audio S300 Poweramp, that is being controlled by an RME ADI 2 DAC. 

I've tried messing with the dsp settings on the RME but I just can't seem to ease the issue.

My question is, does this seem like an equipment issue? Or maybe a cable issue?

I don't want to end up spending serious cash upgrading the amp or dac if that is not the problem. But I know the SCM40's need a lot of juice and the S300 only has 140w per channel, and the recommended is 150w. Or is that just a top end volume concern? I'm already looking at the Hegel H20, I can't get the ATC poweramp as I don't have the space for it.

Also I was looking at the Anthem STR Preamp. Something that might calibrate the sound better for the room. Maybe a cable upgrade?

Anyway, these are just my rambling thoughts on an ongoing issue, any advice at all would be much appreciated. I really want to solve this as when these speakers sing, they really sing!



It's new speakers they need burn-in be patient

And don't do any changes now give them time .

Aside from burn being constrained about any other setup is hard to really suggest something thats going to make the difference having a speaker like that and not giving it at least some best case setup scenario...Youll never know what there capable of...and for that reason im out.😉...Youll have to just try stuff.


I agree with the above sentiment, I almost feel obliged to upgrade the rest of the chain now to give the speakers a fair shout. They feel like the one piece of a equipment I own that is, to quote Tom from Succession: "The bottom of the top"

With that in mind I’m thinking of maybe upgrading the Dac/Preamp from the RME to the HoloAudio – Spring 3 DAC Level 2.


Think about trying an inexpensive used Tube preamp or warmish ss preamp before you change the dac. Way more bang for the buck IMO. Can always sell it for what you paid if it doesn’t work out. 

Get those herbies sliders and you can setup ..shove them out of the way when done.