ATC SCM11 vs Monitor Audio Gold Reference 60

I was at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest last year and heard a pair of atc SCM40 speakers that I was very impressed with. They reminded me alot of some expensive pmc's I heard and loved in the bryston room the previouse year at a fraction of the cost. I currently am running Monitor Audio Gold Reference 60 towers which I love. I found out last month I am having a baby in sept and will be moving in with my girlfriend and her 3 year old son so I have decided to sell my amp pre amp and expensive mit xlr interconnects and will be going to an onkyo 805 reciever, with a rega apollo source.

My question is this... I am debating whether I should sell my M.A. towers and get monitor size speakers specifically the atc scm11. My theory is monitors will give me better imaging and soundstaging off a receiver then the towers will, as well as being better matched on power, I am also running a custom built 15" sub with 1000w going to it with full bass eq.

I have no way to demo the atc's before buying and I was hoping maybe any one had heard both these speakers, Do you think I would be happy with the atc's coming from the M.A. Golds? would it be a transition I would be happy living with for the next few years. Or would I be better off to keep running the Golds off my onkyo, possibly indefinately? I'm hoping that in a few years I may get a pre/pro and 5 ch amp but not sure if I will be going back to a dedicated two ch system anytime soon.

I mainly listen to classic rock, 80's rock and modern rock. my future listening habbits will be movies, xbox, and jamming out while doing house work and yard work prob not to much sitting in sweet spot and "melting" into the sound like I used to.

Thanks for your advice
Cannot help on the Monitor product but the ATC will not let you down. Be aware that ATC is rather low on the "efficiency" scale so you need current and watts. It is the most "distortion" free brand of speakers I have ever heard.
I haven't heard the MA GR60, so I can't help there. I do own a pair of ATC SCM-11s, so maybe I can help some. The ATCs are great speakers, but I share Lindisfarne's reservation about the power the Onkyo can provide. It's a heavy receiver though, so I'm assuming it's got some power supply.

The ATCs are a little tricky to drive, but are generally amp friendly. As Lindisfarne mentioned, they like current AND watts. For example, my MF A5 amp, at 200 watts, can kick them around with ease, but my Naim Nait 5i, which is pretty good on current, but not on watts, barely moves the woofer. They sound thin and treble heavy with the Naim, punchy and clear with the A5.

I've powered these with a Harmon Kardon 525 some time back. That receiver had a big power supply and around 90 watts per channel in stereo and ran them rather well, but I wasn't "critical listening" either.

A big consideration is the little ones. Your girlfriend has a toddler. The SCM-11s will be on stands I reckon? They weigh about 20 pounds each with sharp corners. If the little one can topple them, it could be dangerous.

If you love the GR60s, and most of your listening will be while moving around, there is no need to worry about soundstage.

I'd keep the GR60s. It's safer with the kids, you already like them and your listening habits will be non-stationary anyway. Besides, most of what will be playing on them will be Barney's greatest hits :)
The smaller the ATC, the harder it is to drive. Seriously, ATC need Pass lab 250 and Resolution 7000 type of amp to serve. I think you may also consider ProAc and Dynaudio. My $0.02
I'll third the recommendation for the ATC SCM11 - fantastic
monitors that put any rivals up to twice the price to shame
for dynamics and naturalism IMO. They're also superb for

They are low sensitivity but do NOT need $6,000 power amps
to drive; that's absolutely nuts.

Another option is to sell your amp and speakers and get the
active version of the SCM11, the SCM16A. You get the full
benefit of active design with electronics built-in and
optimized for the drivers. I think bongofury has the
Thanks you guys, gonna get the atc and spend a little extra for a Nelson Pass 5800, NOT the adcom redesigned 5802.. Prob the best amp I can think of for my music tastes at its price range, should be able to get one for $700 if im diligent Everyone raves about hese speakers so much I gotta have em. Gonna concrte some stands and affix with museum wax should be pretty dang hard to knock over

the golds actually sounded best with a krell FPB series power house of an amp, they sound dull and lifeless without seriouse high current going to thme, the magnent structure on the tweeter is as big as a tennis ball.

I love this Forum you guys rock!!!
ATC are amazing speakers but require Watts.. not so much current as they only drop at 6 Ohms minimum (which is rather high).

the active solution is a very valid point as you will save your self time and money on matching.

generally speaking ATC is among the few brands that are usually combined with way more expensive amps than the speakers retail price (i am running my scm 40 with an ASR emitter I HD). the Adcom 5800 seems really promising