Yamaha A-S500 85WPC Easily Driving ATC SCM11 v2

Being that I commonly research for a long time before I buy I thought I'd provide a view to help others.   I started my system with the following:

Yamaha A-S500 Integrated Amplifier w/85WPC
Marantz CD6004 CD Player
Ascend Acoustics Sierra 1

Everything was wonderful but, of course, I wanted to improve upon what I had.  I next incorporated Ascend Sierra 2 speakers.  Sound was good.  But, I later found my quasi-grail speakers, the ATC SCM11 v2, for sale here on Audiogon.  I purchased the ATC speakers and fell in love. Everything was so detailed.  You can hear every nuance from the instruments and everything is completely clear.  For a week I did an A-B comparison between the ATC SCM11 and the Ascend Sierra 2 and the ATC's stayed.  For me they were the best choice to hear detail in the music and they still disappeared and presented a wide and tall soundstage. 

Knowing that my amp only provided 85WPC I invested in an Emotiva DC-1 DAC and Class D Audio 300WPC amp.  I had researched all of these components for months, and installed them in my system, taking two-hours to set everything up, pretty much ready to box and store the Yamaha amp.  I was anticipating the extra wattage being able to produce more bass and volume from the ATC speakers.  It's been written that ATC speakers require a lot more wattage due to their sealed enclosures.  The minimum recommended power is 75WPC so, with the Yamaha amp, I was only providing 10 more watts than minimally recommended  

After two-days of trialing this new set-up I finally came to the realization that the Yamaha produced a much more enjoyable and detailed sound even though it was only 85WPC vs 300WPC.  For my 14'x25' room it is plenty loud and I normally need to turn the volume down to listen at an enjoyable level  Sure, I like to crank it at times, but the Yamaha can easily provide the power to push these speakers. I was so surprised that the Yamaha amp, a lower-powered WHATHIFI five-star winner, from 2012, would be able to best newer and highly acclaimed components. 

The A-S500 is no longer available but a new version, the A-S501, is now offered with a DAC now part of the amplifier.  I highly recommend this amplifier for most applications and it is a great value.
Excellent ! Funny how all this works ? I am curious how you feel the atc's do with your music preferences ? Do you find a greater amount of different music sounding better with the atc's versus other speakers you have had in the past ? Have read too many state they sound great with great material and lousy with mediocre to sub par recordings.
Yes, nice post!  Are you using the Emotiva DAC with the Marantz as a transport? 
As a rule of thumb,the better a speaker is the fewer CD's you want to play on it .A lot have 2nd systems because of that .
I have not seen any reviews or comments about the A-S501 and have wondered if it's the same amp as the 500 plus a DAC or a different amp also...
Just placed an order for scm11's and hoping my old AV marantz receiver SR9200(140@8ohms) will work but I have my eye on A-S501 just in case current amp will no work.
I also have the A-S500 and think it's great. I finally found a What HiFi review of the 501 - I found it fascinating that they thought it was better than the 500 but did not recommend it, despite the rave they gave the 500...
I'm eyeing on ATC SCM11 v2, but I'm not sure the Yamaha A-S801 can do the job nicely? Without sacrificing some of my poorer recording source materials? I'm using the built-in DAC of Yamaha, everything simple and straightforward, what do you guys think?
I'm considering a Yamaha integrated myself. I heard a Yamaha As series amp with some Zu Omens last year and was blown away. Much warmer than I anticipated. i have Zu speakers myself