Audeze shows exceptional customer service , above and beyond the call of duty.

The short story.

I purchased a pair of Audeze EL-8 headphones from a member here as a factory refurbished pair with very little use.
I used them very sparingly myself for approx. 9 months when one day the left driver stopped working.
I contacted Audeze who told me to ship them to them so they could take a look.
2 weeks later they shipped them back saying they had replaced both drivers free of charge.

If the story stopped there it would be exceptional bearing in mind I did not buy them direct from Audeze or even new and this I had explained in my initial email to Audeze.

But wait.....

About 1 week ago ( maybe 3 months after repair ) the right driver stopped working.
I contacted Audeze again and this time they said for all the trouble I have had they would do a straight up trade for B stock Mobius.

I am not sure how customer service or satisfaction could ever get any better than this.

Big kudos to Audeze for their attitude and actions.
Seems to me, Audeze certainly doesn't have a customer service problem, however I would look into the quality control of the drivers used. 
Tbh I am fairly sure the second time around it was not the driver but the crabby cable connector they use on this model.

But yes it could be a concern which is why be interesting to see how the Mobius which is a newer model holds up.

I have three sets of Audeze LCD series headphones and have not had to use their customer service, they've all held up very well.  It's always nice to hear when someone goes above and beyond, we mostly just hear about bad experiences.  Thanks for sharing.
Exactly Greg.
I believe in credit where it is due and it is always nice to find a company who still appreciates the customer.